Style Magnified Fashion Show

Last March 25, I attended Style Magnified Fashion Show by Primer Group of Companies at Abreeza Mall of Davao. The Prime Group of Companies is mainly engaged in the retail and distribution of world's top consumer brands and premier products. They put a life size fashion spread featuring some of Davao's favorite international brands like Bratpack, Res Toe Run, The Travel Club, Bauhaus, Columbia, DC, Ellesse Italia, Quicksilver, Sanuk and Tretorn. Here's a peek during the fashion show.

Tretorn Boots
The Travel Club


Hope you like it! I'm ending this post with my outfit details. =)

Black & Gray mini stripes dress; Black leggings, Gray flat shoes by SO Fab; Black bag from my Sister and my Paris necklace accessory. I'm more on black & gray during that day.. =)

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Childish Accessories

It's 4th week of April and forgive me for featuring my accessories for this month a little bit late. If you followed my blog, last month I featured about Accessories that more on silver and bronze design for chic. Since it's summer time, I'm now into childish accessories with colorful and playful type. Hope you like it.. =)

Star Ring for Dreamy Girls
Guitar Ring for Rock Star Chic
Spade & Clover Ring for Playing Cards

Ribbon Ring for Sweet 16
Tassle Earrings for Sweety 
Blue Heart for You

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Purple Short

Last month, I was looking at my closet and saw a small pile of shorts. I’ve noticed I only have few of it and more on color black, brown, white, red & jeans type shorts. Then I realized I want to have different colors short with different materials that I can wear this summer.  While walking at the Mall I saw this purple silky short with cute polka dots ribbon belt. I matched it with black statement shirt and add up some accessories like dangle “curtain” earrings (matched with purple short), black ribbon ring, black/gold bangle & black high heels to look simple, girly & edgy at the same time.  What do you think?

Top shirt by Mango; Purple silky short pants by WAGW

Accessories: Dangle Curtain Earrings, black ribbon ring, black/gold bangle (from my Mom),  Parisian  black shoes

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DIY Project: Leather Bracelet

Hi everybody! Today is April 7 in the Philippines and I’m going to be crafty this Saturday. Since leather bracelet is kinda in this summer, I was thinking to make my own color combination. So without a further ado here’s my 1st DIY project to share with you.

1pc         Red Leather Cord
1pc         Rusty Orange Leather Cord
1pc         Brown Braid Leather Cord
1pc         Yellow Braid Leather Cord
*I choose earth colors witch you can buy at Craft shop. They are also selling 1 meter per pack (sulit na!).
4pair      Metal Leather Connector
2pcs       Ring Connector
1pc         Locker
Pliers (Long Nose)
*I user 2 pliers to hold the small piece

1st           Measure 1 cord to your arm and cut (make sure it’s 2-3 inches lower form your wrist)
Grab all the cords and cut it using the 1st cord as your basis.
2nd          Pair 2 different cords (what I did was pairing Y: O / Y: B/ R: Y / R: B)
3rd           After pairing, get the 1 pair metal leather connector. Put the end of the leather inside theconnector whole and close it using the pliers (do the same thing at the other end).
4th         After connecting the metal leather connector to the leather cord, get the ring connector, hookall the cords and close it (do the same thing at the other end).  
5th           After hooking all the cords form end to end, get the locker and connect it form the ring

Tadaaaah! There you have it! Your own Leather Bracelet.

Tell me what you think? I can’t wait to see yours too.  
Enjoy your holiday! 


The Sun is Up

Hellooooo Mr. Sun! Today is your month and everybody is excited to plan their vacation get-away. Summer is a season where everybody is longing for beach & out-of-town get-away where you can chill whole day, soak your feet in water, drinking mash cold melon smoothies, bonding with friends & family. And for bloggers like me, it is time to wear lighter clothes like shorts, sleeveless, sheer cloth and floral prints. Let us not forget our sunblock, sunny shades & hats to protect us from hit of the sun. Here’s my version of summer outfit. Tell me what you think? xoxo

Floral long sleeve  (folded into 3/4); Violet razor back lace ; Black shorts ; Fedora hat

Start your summer with a SMILE! =)