Aztec Top


Happy Easter Sunday everybody! Today we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after His crucifixion. He is truly a Great and Mighty God! And today is also the last day of holiday. Yup! Work mode on the next day again.. So to complete my holiday, I'm going to share with you my latest outfit post. This was taken last March 16 during Araw ng Davao at Kangaroo Coffee Company Inc. where Canon did some free photo printing using WiFi Pixma printer for their loyal customers.

Top: SM Department Store
Bottom: Forever 21
Sandals: Solemates
Accessories: Gift from Monique Libo-on

Have a great Sunday! =)

Photograph by: Michelle Quijano & RJ Limos
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Bow and Oh-range


Corporate outfit may sometimes look so boring but if you add colors, it may look stunning! Wearing white chiffon top, orange bandage skirt and animal print shoes. This is what I wore during Image Enhancement Seminar last March 9 at Waterfront Insular Hotel. The seminar is all about how you look good and be professional when facing your clients. The seminar inspires me to look good always and be positive in every goal you choose. (so gora lang ang peg!) Let’s go back to my outfit details. I love the big bow detail of my top. It looks like Korean style outfit. Don't you think? Bright colors are trend during summer season. Luckily I have this orange bandage skirt and bow bracelet that adds summer vibes to my semi corporate outfit. 

What you think of my outfit?
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Photograph by: Michelle Quijano
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Gora Bora!


Outfit Details
Swim wear: Soul Lifestyle ModAudrey Swim Collection
Hat: Department Store
Shades: Tomliz

It's summer once again and we are all excited to go chillax mode where we can sip ice cold drinks, eat fresh fruits while sitting in from of white sand beach wearing a cool hat, nice shades and off course your swim suit that you can only wear once in a year (I guest). I'm going to share with you some tips on what to bring during this trip.

Sunscreen    - is a must have every time you go out and meet Mr. Sun. The higher number of SPF the better.
Hat                  - is one of your best accessories when hitting the beach. It will put a statement on every outfit. 
Shades           - this will protect your eyes from ray of the sun and this will also help you cover your eyes when you are not wearing a make-up.
Swim wear   - choose the right swim wear for your body type to highlight your aspects. If you can't still decide on what type of swim wear to choose, I suggest you visit Soul Lifestyle Store. They have this ModAudrey Swim Collection where you can wear it up to 20 ways. Go check their facebook here.
Camera         - this will keep your trip memorable. I'm using Canon EOS 600D and this is my best buddy every time I travel. Just don’t forget to check the battery, SD card and the charger. Go visit Canon website or like their facebook here or here.
Lipstick        - you need this so you won't look pale on your photos. I used Everbelena magic lipstick with vitamin E for whole day tint.
Attitude       - always bring energetic and positive attitude to enjoy your trip.

I hope these tips will help you.
Leave a comment and share your tips here. I love to read it! =)

Photograph by: Michelle Quijano (Thank you Chelly!)
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It's been a long time since I blog an outfit post. I've been busy buzzing lately with my work. This time I will set aside it for a bit and jump in to my blog world. Here's my 1st outfit post for 2013. 

I’m wearing red & white stripes peplum top, denim shorts and velvet type flat shoes. I wore this during New Years Eve. Yah! I know it's been 2 month ago already and this post is very late. Blame it to my busy days! Nah! No I don't. I love my job. *smile =) Going back to my outfit post. Inspired by nautical prints or usually known as stripe. I really like stripes. It somehow boosts confident level.

Shades is a must have every time I meet and greet Mr. Sun.
Belt is perfect to make an illusion of separating your upper and lower body. 
It also emphasize your waist.

Relax your feet from heel over weekends. 

What you think of my outfit?

I love to read your comments below.

Happy weekend! =)

Outfit Details
Top: W.A.G.W
Bottom: Bazaar
Shoes: Solemates

Photograph by: Hubby
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Historical Place of Corregidor


"Spanish lighthouse"
Hi everybody! I've been to lots of trips last month and thanks to my work for giving me those opportunities. To bad I was struck by tonsillitis and flu after attending to different events. But nothing to worry, God is good and now I'm on my recovering stage. To start with, I'm going to share with you one of the historical places I've been, the Corregidor Island, Philippines. Here are some shots I took during the trip.

"Barracks ruins" 
Mile Long is the longest military barracks. It was ruined during World War II.
"Gun emplacements". BOOM!
"Bullet was imprint".
"Malinta Tunnel". 
There is an audio-visual presentation inside the tunnel where they present the events during the World War II including the departure of Pres. Manuel Quezon and Gen. Douglas MacArthur on submarine from Corregidor to Australia. 
"General Douglas MacArthur was there too".
"Philippine Money".
Trivia: Do you know that those money can only be used per designated areas only?

Island of Corregidor is rich with Philippine History that will take me a lot of time to elaborate. I guess the best way is for you to visit the place and experience seeing  those historical places.

Have you been to Corregidor or other Historical places in the Philippines?
Go ahead and leave a comment below. 
I love to read all your stories. =)
Manila scenery during sunset.Thanks for dropping by! 


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