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When adult life is approaching, some people get allergic to the topic of getting life insurance. It is because people are not ready yet in facing death (nobody does, right?). But did you know when you plan ahead of time it will make your life better and secure. Last March 17, 2018 Sun Life Financial shares about how to “Live Brighter” in the form of saving and investing. During the forum, Sun Life shares that there are 4 Money Life Stages.

Ms. Eunice Aton (Sales Manager of Mindanao Region)
1.       Getting Started where individual starts building independence and confidence in life.

2.       Moving Up where individual starts prioritizing their family.

3.       Preparing Ahead where individual starts nurturing their health and wealth.

4.       Leaving a Legacy where individual starts ensuring their golden years.

These four stages made me realized how important it is to plan ahead for your future to become prepared and secured.  Good thing Sun Life Financial Advisors are there to help you plan appropriate investment that you can do base on your current stage in life. 

Ms. Joy Lumagsao (Financial Advisor),  Ms. Eunice Aton (Sales Manager of Mindanao Region) & Ms. Aimee Francisco (Unit Manager)

Sun Life Financila Forum | March 17, 2018 | Pinnacle Hotel, Davao City

What’s great about the forum, Sun Life Financial also encourage individuals to help other people by become a Financial Advisor while enriching their future. To know more about becoming a Financial Advisor, visit and take the first step to your brighter life.

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