June 12, 2022

LYRA Swim: Perfect swimwear for modest women

Summer is the ideal time to wear a bikini and go swimming. Most of us ladies lack the confidence to display our bodies in attractive bikinis. Like me, I wanted to go to the beach and swim in a gorgeous bikini, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to expose my body. My skin isn't immaculate, and I don't have abs. In short, I'm not comfortable wearing sext swimwear, especially now that I'm a mother.


In some countries, women are unallowed to expose their skin in public. Some religions prohibit women from wearing bikinis at the beach or in pools. If you belong to this tradition, fear not: LYRA Swimwear can allow you to wear a burkini without sacrificing comfort and style.

Sofia - Lunar Panel

LYRA Swims: Sofia-Lunar Panel

Surf suits are the inspiration for this swimwear. It's composed of high-quality swim fabric that dries quickly and resists chlorine, making it perfect for the pool or the beach. It also includes a UPF of 50+, which helps to protect you from UV rays.


Sofia's modest swimwear set costs 6,000 PHP and includes a filtering bodysuit with a front zipper, ankle-length swim leggings with an elasticated mid-waist fit, a detachable swim skirt for more coverage, and a fitted elegant swim turban with ruching features.

This type of swimwear is uncommon among others, but if you live in a place where wearing a revealing bikini is forbidden, this swimwear is ideal for you. LYRA swimsuits can be worn as a set or mixed and matched with other pieces. It is fashionable, comfortable, and practical. Check out more unique LYRA Swims designs here.

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