Malagos Chocolate Museum is a must visit place when you are in Davao City



Malagos Chocolate Museum

Malagos is known for its exquisite wildlife and floral displays. Moreover, it is well known for its farm, dairy, and cocoa products. In addition to these luxurious and delicious goods, they also have Malagos Garden Resort. The 12-hectare beach theme resort is situated in Davao City's Barangay Malagos Calinan. The resort offers lodging, dining options, swimming areas, a bird show, a butterfly sanctuary, and the country's first chocolate museum.





Butterfly Sanctuary.

Chocolate Park.

Can you see the melted ice cream?

Malagos Chocolate Museum.

The Malagos Chocolate Museum launched last 2017. It was the country's first museum dedicated to chocolate. In 2017, their cacao bean ranked among the top fifty in the world. You can find out the history of their cacao beans and how they manufacture chocolate within the museum.


This egg-shaped chocolate is made with Malagos Chocolates. 

Inside the museum.

Chocolate Laboratory.

You can play games with their beans in an interactive area. Additionally, they have a chocolate bar where you can taste all their mouthwatering and savory chocolates. They provide different variations, including milk chocolate with a cocoa content of 38 and 50%, dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 65, 72, and 85%, and 100% premium unsweetened chocolate. The Malagos Chocolate Laboratory is among the museum's most fascinating exhibits. You can make your chocolates here.


Chocolate aroma testing.

I'm checking if you are still reading this blog. Lol

Inside the museum.


For the entrance fee, you can choose if want to avail the 450 PHP plated lunch or 350 PHP for plated snacks. These fees are included in their park attraction and sightseeing of the Chocolate Museum. If you want to experience chocolate molding at the Malagos Chocolate Museum Laboratory you can choose to avail of the 250 PHP for 100 grams and 450 PHP for 200 grams of chocolates.


Chocolate molding area.

Chocolate machine.

During the visit with my family, we played almost all of its games and took tons of pictures. The irresistible delicious chocolate fragrances had us mesmerized and drooling. We will definitely go back to this place. 


Inside the museum.

Inside the museum.

Learning section: How to taste chocolate?

Visit the Malagos Homegrown Restaurant in Matina Aplaya, Davao City, if you want to taste Malagos Chocolates without having to travel outside the city, or you may watch this vlog to learn more about what they offer.

Malagos Garden Resort
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Malagos Homegrown Restaurant 
Shanghai Street, Matina Aplaya, Davao City
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