Things you can do when you are bored



There are times that I’m productive, and there are times I’m not. When I’m in this state, it is because I finished my task earlier, was burned out, or was overwhelmed with work. To overcome this stage, I made a list of activities I can turn back whenever I’m bored or overwhelmed.  

Watch movies or series 

One on my list is to watch movies or series. Movies like romantic comedies are light and bubbly. Not too heavy, tragic, or drama movies. For series, I like watching baking, cooking, beauty, or fashion competition. It entertains me a lot. I feel like I compete too.


Read a book


Despite my poor reading skills, I have a ton of books that I need to read. My bookcases are most often filled with self-help and inspirational books. I thought it was fascinating, and it encourages me to look after myself. You might be curious as to why I own so many books yet never read them. I just can't read quickly, and every time I do, I doze off. I'm not sure if it's just me or if you've also noticed it.


I read a book for at least two to three chapters while listening to soothing bossa nova and jazz music when I'm feeling bored and don't want to look at electronic gadgets.


Write a journal

I have been practicing writing my thoughts and special events in a journal. There are times I forget about it. So for me to not forget about it, I’m going to include it in this list. If I’m bored or overwhelmed at work, I will get my journal and start doodling, collating ephemera, and writing down my thoughts on that day.


Draw or paint


I’m not a professional artist but I can draw simple and cute things that inspire me, just like this cute dog that I saw on Pinterest. When I don’t feel like doodling, I just get a brush or colored pen and start coloring books that I have. No brainer needed, I just our colors whichever I like.


Play games online


Sometimes, when scrolling social media platforms, I get bored or overwhelmed. I feel like wasting time without learning new skills. I want to entertain myself and learn at the same time. Games like solitaire, hidden objects, and letter scramble are my go-to timeless games. I discover a website that entertains me with classic games, and this website is


I like to play the hidden object. It challenges me to look thoroughly at each corner to find the hidden object.


Letter scrambles sharpen my vocabulary. It makes me learn new words that help me in my field of work.

They also have tetra blocks, so aesthetic. I hope they will also include puzzle bubbles games for more game options.

How about you, what do you do when you are bored?

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