How many times have you attended wedding celebration? Do you find it pressure when choosing a clothes to wear? Well, here’s my tips for you: (1) Identify the motif of the wedding. (2)  Know your role during the wedding. If you’re part of the entourage then you don’t have to worry about. But if you’re a guest then you can play with color closer to the wedding’s motif or you can play with white, cream or skin tone colors.  Avoid wearing black dress. Why? Because it seems that you’re not happy for the couple to get married. Agree? Well, except if their motif is black then you can wear that color. (3) Match your make-up color to your dress to complement a lighter aura (the lighter; the better). (4) Minimal your accessories. Ear rings, bracelet & necklace will do and always carry lighter hand/shoulder bag.  (5) Don’t forget to wear your Smile. =) I hope my tips work for you. Here are my photos taken last Tuesday during my friend’s wedding. Have fun! =) 

Skin tone dress (Femma), Nude shoes (So! F.A.B.), Native bag (just a gift) =) 

Front & Back
Here's a glimpse during the wedding.. 
Her raffled gown is lovely, isn't it? 

Best wishes to Maui & Dexter! <3



Do you know that accessories can polish your boring outfit? Yup! it can. Even you wear simple white shirt, jeans and flip flops your outfit can standout with accessories.

Accessories are items that are use to contribute in a secondary manner to the wearer's outfit. The term came into use in the 19th century. It is often used to complete an outfit and are chosen to specifically complement the wearer's look. There are two categories of fashion accessories: those that are carried and those that are worn. Carried accessories include canes, hand fans, swords, handbags, parasols and umbrellas. Accessories that are worn may include boots and shoes, cravats, ties, hats, gloves, muffs, jewellery, watches, shawls, scarves, socks, bonnets and stockings. (Reference:

This month, I'm going to feature my new accessories. Hope you like it.. Have fun! =)

"Social Cat Necklace"
"Victoria's Necklace"
"Owl City Bangle"
"Ursula Ring"
"Cinderella's Carousel Ring"
And lastly, my friend gave me this ring last week and I call it "Nyke's flats"
(Thanks Te Nyke!)