Skater Skirt

First Friday of the month is days were I plan to schedule my vacation leave. However, this first half of the year I skipped 2 days of it because of some unpredicted urgent meetings & events. So when that day comes and no cancellation been done, I got the chance to schedule my day right. Last July 5, 2013 I decided to watch movie with my 2 sisters (actually it's my older sister & my mom) *wink! We watched 4 Sisters and a Wedding. The move was okay, masyadong madrama lang nga, hindi ako prepared. Madrama movie is one of my weakness especially pagfamily issue. I easily get carried away. Oh well, sometimes we need to cry to clean our eyes. Moving on, during vacation leave It's also a day for me to try new outfit. Here I wore orange skater skirt paired with 3/4 stripes top inspired by Taylor Swift here. Top: F21 Skater | Skirt: Maki Moda | Shoes: Schu

Five days to go and it's my birthday month already. Weeeeeeh!!! So keep on visiting my blog for update coz I'm having my 1st Birthday Giveaway to all my lovely readers. I'm going to upload it later!#excitedmuch

Remembering the Wall

During our younger days, we all have group of friends that we cherished and one of them is our neighborhood. I'm not referring to Spider man who's known as "our friendly neighborhood" but I'm referring to "Kababata Friends/ Childhood Friends". I remember when you have group, the first thing you do is to think of a group's name and this wall reminds me of it. 

VJ DINO stands for first initial letter of our names (Val, Jullee, Dimple, Ina, Nyke and Olive). In order for us to remember our group, we imprinted it at the wall of our neighborhood. Good thing they did not punished us for doing it in their property. I remember we use to meet up at Val's house in the afternoon just to eat dukot rice and bulad. We also collect our neighbor's news papers, sell it at junk shop and treat our selves at the mall. We also did camping at Val's back yard para camping-camping ang peg but we still end up sleeping at their living room for the reason that I forgot already because it's almost 24 years ago and there are lots of thing that happened already. These are just few memories that I remember when I saw this wall. 

Moving on, before I end here is my outfit post using one of my favorite Aztec top from Forever 21. If you follow my previews post, you will notice that I'm into Aztec prints here and here
Yup! I love Aztec prints.

Top: Forever 21
Pants: Forever 21
Sandals: Solemate

Hope you like it! =)


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Davao Bloggers Acquaintance

Hi everybody! Last May 3, 2013 I attended Davao Bloggers Induction Ceremony and Acquaintance Party at Krispy Kreme SM Lanang Premier, Davao City. The night is loaded with information about the Davao Bloggers history, do's and don'ts and the exciting upcoming events for this year. My tummy was filled with sweet treats form Krispy Kreme doughnuts and cupcakes. During the event new members are inducted as official members of Davao Bloggers (proud member here! *hand up & smile). We also did fun games where everybody participated and enjoyed. There was raffles too sponsored by Smart, Sun Cellular, Canon Marketing Philippines Inc. and Maxima Aquafun Beach resort which is lucky me, I won 2 tickets! Yey! (=D) And of course my day will not end with out outfit photo shoot during that day. Thanks to my hubby who accompanied me during the event. <3 So here's my outfit during that day.

Top: F21
Blazer: Cotton On
Skirt: Maki Moda
Shoes: Mossimo

I'm loving aztec skirts here.. 

Here are few shots taken during the event:

The Induction Ceremony...
Proud member here! =)
Sharing great and exciting promo from Canon Pixma Printer.. 
Sweet treat from Krispy Kreme...
With my 2 DB friends (Anna & Lovely) 

Congrats to all members!
Until next event..


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Carmex on the Go

Lip balm is a must have! This is what I always say when I was asked what beauty essentials you always bring with you. My lip is my first priority when it comes to beauty essentials. I feel naked when not wearing tint at my lips. This feeling started when I was in college. We all know college is the stage where ladies enhance their beauty rituals. Like me, my lips get dry and chap easily. When your lips are chapped, you will look haggard and we don't want that to happen, right girl?! Good thing lip balm is invented and there is one brand that lessens the roughness of dry lips. 

Carmex Lip Balm

Carmex lip balm is invented by Alfred Woelbring in the USA in early 1930s. It is a formula that keeps your lips soft, moisturize and relive from roughness. They have jar type, tube & click stick container which I like because I can easily put it inside my glam kit (view previous post here). What I love about this lip balm is that it has a menthol effect that heals my dry and chapped lip. It also have SPF 15 that protects lips from the heat of the sun. But wait there's more, Carmex named #1 Top Pharmacist-Recommended Lip Balm for 14 years and the product is not tested on animals.

Carmex lip balm is also available in original, strawberry, cherry, lime twist, vanilla and pomegranate perfect for this coming school season.

For more information about  this cool healing lip balm, visit their web site here, like their facebook here and get updated with their twitter here.


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How I Wear my Bunt Cake Skirt

Dress: Forever 21
Skirt: Gift from a friend (Thanks Maureen Payoyo)
Shoes: Solemates

I'm having a hard time thinking of how I can wear a Bunt Cake type skirt (A.K.A Semi-Circular skirt) without emphasizing my belly. I've been scanning a lot of fashion magazine and searching images at the net looking for the right answer. And finally! I came up with combining two items. The LBD (Little Black Dress) and the Bunt Cake type skirt. 

Bunt Cake Skirt looks like this. But mine is just semi lang.
You're probably thinking "Where's the LBD here?" Actually, I layered the dress with the skirt so you won't see the dress at it is. Just make sure your LBD is a body hug type so your belly will be tighten and must be shorter than the length of the skirt so it won't show up. Like this.

What's good thing about this skirt is it has garter on the waist line so it will hold up and voluntary adjust after a meal.

I hope this simple quick guide will help you.

Leave a comment and let me know how you wear your Bunt Cake Skirt.

Until next post!


Photograph by: Samantha Ria Cena
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Bunt Cake photo referece link here

What's Inside My Glam Kit

Saturday means no work for me. I'm just feeling the vibes of being home buddy this morning. But what I love most during this day is that I can do whatever I want like eating  my breakfast, chatting with my daughter and nephews, watching my fave vlogger on youtube, scrolling networking sites (facebook and twitter), editing photos before posting and constructing blog post without minding what time is it. Too much for a day, right?! Ganyan talaga pagmay trabaho ka during weekdays. You make sulit of your time during weekends. Moving on, to make sulit of my day, I'm going to share with you "What's inside my glam kit?" 

I brought this native glam kit at Pasalubong Center here in Davao City. 
Combination of white & gold native weave material.

 To hide oily face after a long day, I use Pressed Powder #2 Medium shade by BYS.

 The Matte Factor Deep Red lip paint by Miners that stay almost 6hr. on my lips. 
Thanks to my friend Heidi for giving me this. I'm planning to have their Hot & Light Pink shade for day time lip paint.

Lip balm is a must have for me. I have here Carmex Origianl Flavor stick lip balm that helps relief my dry chapped lips. It soothe, moisturize and has menthol effect that heals your chapped lips too. Thanks to Ria Abella Jose and Carmex Philippines for giving stick tube and jar type lip balm.

Carmex  also have different flavors like strawberry, cherry, lime twist, vanilla and pomegranate. What's good thing about this is it has Sunscreen SPF 15 that protects your lips from the heat of the sun. For more good stuff about this cool lip balm, go check and visit their facebook here.

 This one is a capsule type perfume container from Penshoppe. No need to bring your gigantic expensive perfume. Just transfer it to a small container like what I did here. It's handy and easy to carry everyday and during long travels.

Stay fresh breath all day with this cute Astringosol mouthwash container. 
And when I'm feeling dizzy, I have this Five Cranes Menthol. It's a cone type ointment 
that helps relieve headaches.

Thanks to hair pins, clips, elastic bands & metal twister hair holder.
It saves me during bad hair days.

So that's it! That's all inside my glam kit.

What's inside your? Share it  here. 
I love to read your comments.


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Lace Dress

Lace Dress: Thrift Shop
Beaded Shoulder Bag: from Vietnam
Close Shoes: Chelsea

You can never go wrong wearing lace dress fabric during weddings. It definitely gives feminine touch to your outfit.  

You can  also add a little bit of dark color like black, brown, blue, maroon or grey. Just make sure that the color you choose is closer to your main outfit or accessories so you can easily match it. Like what I wore here, I matched the color of my shoulder bag to my shoes for balance combination.

Let me know what you think of my outfit by leaving comments below.

Thanks for dropping by.
Until next blog post!


Photograph by: Hubby
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Aztech Top

Happy Easter Sunday everybody! Today we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after His crucifixion. He is truly a Great and Mighty God! And today is also the last day of holiday. Yup! Work mode on the next day again.. So to complete my holiday, I'm going to share with you my latest outfit post. This was taken last March 16 during Araw ng Davao at Kangaroo Coffee Company Inc. where Canon did some free photo printing using WiFi Pixma printer for their loyal customers.

Top: SM Department Store
Bottom: Forever 21
Sandals: Solemates
Accessories: Gift from Monique Libo-on

Have a great Sunday! =)

Photograph by: Michelle Quijano & RJ Limos
Tag: Aztec Top; SM Department Store; Forever 21; Solemates; Kangaroo Coffee Company

Bow and Orange

Corporate outfit may sometimes look so boring but if you add colors, it may look stunning! Wearing white chiffon top, orange bandage skirt and animal print shoes. This is what I wore during Image Enhancement Seminar last March 9 at Waterfront Insular Hotel. The seminar is all about how you look good and be professional when facing your clients. The seminar inspires me to look good always and be positive in every goal you choose. (so gora lang ang peg!) Let’s go back to my outfit details. I love the big bow detail of my top. It looks like Korean style outfit. Don't you think? Bright colors are trend during summer season. Luckily I have this orange bandage skirt and bow bracelet that adds summer vibes to my semi corporate outfit. 

What you think of my outfit?
Leave a comment below... I love to read it! =)

Photograph by: Michelle Quijano
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Gora Bora

Outfit Details
Swim wear: Soul Lifestyle ModAudrey Swim Collection
Hat: Department Store
Shades: Tomliz

It's summer once again and we are all excited to go chillax mode where we can sip ice cold drinks, eat fresh fruits while sitting in from of white sand beach wearing a cool hat, nice shades and off course your swim suit that you can only wear once in a year (I guest). I'm going to share with you some tips on what to bring during this trip.

Sunscreen    - is a must have every time you go out and meet Mr. Sun. The higher number of SPF the better.
Hat                  - is one of your best accessories when hitting the beach. It will put a statement on every outfit. 
Shades           - this will protect your eyes from ray of the sun and this will also help you cover your eyes when you are not wearing a make-up.
Swim wear   - choose the right swim wear for your body type to highlight your aspects. If you can't still decide on what type of swim wear to choose, I suggest you visit Soul Lifestyle Store. They have this ModAudrey Swim Collection where you can wear it up to 20 ways. Go check their facebook here.
Camera         - this will keep your trip memorable. I'm using Canon EOS 600D and this is my best buddy every time I travel. Just don’t forget to check the battery, SD card and the charger. Go visit Canon website or like their facebook here or here.
Lipstick        - you need this so you won't look pale on your photos. I used Everbelena magic lipstick with vitamin E for whole day tint.
Attitude       - always bring energetic and positive attitude to enjoy your trip.

I hope these tips will help you.
Leave a comment and share your tips here. I love to read it! =)

Photograph by: Michelle Quijano (Thank you Chelly!)
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It's been a long time since I blog an outfit post. I've been busy buzzing lately with my work. This time I will set aside it for a bit and jump in to my blog world. Here's my 1st outfit post for 2013. 

I’m wearing red & white stripes peplum top, denim shorts and velvet type flat shoes. I wore this during New Years Eve. Yah! I know it's been 2 month ago already and this post is very late. Blame it to my busy days! Nah! No I don't. I love my job. *smile =) Going back to my outfit post. Inspired by nautical prints or usually known as stripe. I really like stripes. It somehow boosts confident level.

Shades is a must have every time I meet and greet Mr. Sun.
Belt is perfect to make an illusion of separating your upper and lower body. 
It also emphasize your waist.

Relax your feet from heel over weekends. 

What you think of my outfit?

I love to read your comments below.

Happy weekend! =)

Outfit Details
Top: W.A.G.W
Bottom: Bazaar
Shoes: Solemates

Photograph by: Hubby
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Owl City

Wearing red sleeveless with sequence owl design. Paired with floral skin tone pants and leather brown animal print detail sandal. This is what I wore last December 25, 2012 during our family reunion at Grandma's house. The year will not end without get together with your relatives where there are lots of delicious food to eat, the traditional giving of gifts and "pailog" (throwing of coins). 

Going back to my outfit on my Mistress nakakastress post, I mentioned that I have to invest on sequence dress for special occasions like holidays. Well here it is! Starting to invest sequence top and this time it's an owl design. My friend and I decided to buy same design but in different color. Thanks to my sister, she picked red. This is perfect for holiday season. I paired it with my one and only floral pants which I really love. It somehow soften my edgy top and make me look girly during our family reunion.

How's your family reunion? I love to read your comments below.

Happy New Year Everybody! (=D)

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Wearing silver and grey lace with stone design mask. This is what I wore during our company Masquerade Christmas party last December 19, 2012 at Blue Room, Apo View Hotel Davao City.

Simple but passionate. This is how I describe my outfit during that day. I love how the dress hugs my body. It somehow shows off my remaining curves since I gain weight this year. Which reminds me put it in my new year's resolution (to lose weight). Red is one of the perfect colors to wear this Christmas. It gives energy and passion aura to the person who wears it or sees it.

I like how the dress cut and design. It gives an illusion to make me look tall.

I paired it with grey sandal to match my necklace and mask.

And don't forget my cute nail polished for this month. It's Rudolf! =)

I hope you like my Christmas post! =)

Here's a carolling video to my lovely followers & viewers.

Happy Birthday Jesus!
Here's a BIG HUG for you! >----('v')----<

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Outfit details:
Dress: Maze Shop at Abreeza Mall
Shoes: Payless
Mask: Gaisano Mall Dept. Store
Necklace: Tomliz
Photograph by: Henry G.

Lay Bare

Christmas season once again! Everyone is excited coz of so many happenings and parties to attend to. And for us (ladies), this is the time where we are busy dressing up and grooming ourselves. We have to treat ourselves first before everything. Like me, I like wearing sleeveless dress during parties , that's why I have to visit first my favorite salon the Lay Bare Waxing Salon. They have waxing and threading services just what I need. They are located at SM Lanang Premier, 037 Lower Ground Floor, JP Laurel Ave. Davao City.  

What I also like about this salon is their using all natural cold wax and organic thread that is so friendly to extra-sensitive skin. It's sugar-based so it leaves skin smooth and silky. It also exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. Eyebrow Threading @ P100 and Underarms Treading @ P150 (swak sa budget!). Two thumbs-up for this salon! =) 

Thanks to their friendly staff for accommodating me during the treatment. 

Lay Bare Waxing Salon
SM Lanang Premier, 037 Lower Ground Floor,
JP Laurel Ave. Davao City
Tel. (082) 285-1075 / 0917-LAY-BARE
Open Daily 10AM to 9PM
Follow them on Facebook & Twitter

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New In: Polymer Clay Accessories

Silver and gold are the common accessories I wear everyday. To try something new, I saw these cute accessories at Davao Convention, Christmas Bazaar last Sunday . It is made up of polymer clay where they bake it in oven for almost 20-25 mins. I'm in love with the star and heart shape designs inspired by nautical chart. I brought it @ below 100php.

They also have floral designs perfect for my girly outfit.

Hope you like my new cute polymer clay accessories. 
I can't wait to wear them all!

Have a great day!


Puss in Boots

Boots is perfect during winter. It can up lift your wardrobe during this season. 
Boots can be high or low. It depends on what length you want. 
Knee high boots can be paired with shorty-shorts or miniskirts. 
While ankle boots can be paired with tight jeans or leggings. 
I am going to show you how I wear my ankle boots. 

Ankle boots paired with black leggings

Sheer neon top for highlights 
This is funny shot.
Main subject, It's Mot2x (Hubby's Mio) and not me.
Polka dots head dress and butter fly drop earrings for accessories 

I may not be puss but I wear boots!

What do you think of my look?

Outfit details:

Top: Thrifted
Bottom: Bazaar
Shoes: Trifted
Head dress: WAGW
Earring: Accessorieze

Do you have leather type boots? I would like to know how you take care of it coz I have and the leather starts to fall apart. Sad part, I only wore it 3 or 4x pa lang. =(
I would appreciate if you share it to me.

Photograph by: Sam and Hubby
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Aztech Nail

I haven't treated my hands and feet for almost a month. Since aztec design is into trend right now, I'm so excited to share with you the design I picked last Friday. As I was scrolling my iPad for aztec nail art design, caught my attention. Since it was my vacation leave and I wanted to try something new, the design was perfect to my mood during that day. To give you an idea, here's the design I picked.

Thanks to ate from Nail Bar, she never fails me for every design I wanted. 

What do you think of my aztec nail art?

PS: I only used my iPad during that day. Sorry for the low resolution.

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Floral Kicks

Feet help our body stand firm. It also balance our body when we walk, run or hop. But most of the time we abuse it. Last month, I found another collection from Solemate. It's a floral prints sneaker. One Saturday, I decided to wear sneakers instead of sandals while going to a mall. Since I'm living in a tropical country, I wear black short and loose shirt. Thanks to my Sister who let me borrow her souvenir shirt from Dubai. I'm still not convince with my outfit so I add-up another layer and that is my black blazer. Because I have this tribal/ aztec hena tattoo on my right arm made by my brother, I decided to add  silver and rubber bracelet plus tribal earrings accessory to match it up. I also  chose the bird designed bag for my kikay stuff and gadgets.  Here's  what I'm telling you....

What do you think of my look?

My outfit details:
Top: Dubai Shirt from my Sister
Blazer: NCCC Dept. Store
Bottom: VP Bazaar
Shoes: Solemates
Accessories: Tomliz and Gift by Brother

Photograph by: Hubby

Tag: Floral sneakers, Solemates 

See Stripes

Stripes are long narrow strips of the same width and  length in different colours or texture from the surface. Stripes prints always catch my attention every time I go window shopping. I think it looks good on me especially horizontal ones. But some says wearing horizontal stripes will make you look fat. While vertical stripes will make you look thin. I think it depends on how you wear it or paired it with other fabric. In the end it still depends on how you carry yourself well. Since we're talking about stripes, I would like to share with you my new outfit post wearing stripes dress.

 One Saturday night I saw this denim stripes dress with inner tutu skirt. It looks like Korean outfit to me. So, I immediately visualized myself pairing it with a boots. Without thinking twice, I bought it!  *with a BIG smile (=D)* And finally I had my spare time and did my 1st outdoor pictorial.

Floral design makes the outfit girly.

 Denim with tutu skirt rocks!

 I add up silver and rubber accessories to make it look edgy.

Here's my outfit details:

Dress: Thrift Shop
Shoes: Schu at Chimes Sale
Accessories: Black Rubber at Bomo ; Timex watch ; 
Silver bracelet at Tomliz

Thank you to my lovely daughter "Samantha" for those beautiful shoots. 
(Pwede ka na maging photographer anak!)

Next project Grecian Goddess outfit. (^.^)

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#Bomo accessories, #Timex watch, #Tomliz

Oh! One more thing! I'm working on my online shop right now.
It's more on cool stuff and our pre-love items. I'm excited to share it with you soon!
Stay tuned! =)


Pink Leopard

Is there a Pink Leopard? I've checked the net but haven't seen one photo except for textile prints & accessories. The Leopard is a member of a cat family. Their coat has a background color of pale, cream-yellow underside that darkens slightly to an orange-brown on its back. A solid black spots adorn its limbs and head, smaller and denser than the golden, umber-centered rosettes that cover its back and side.

So I guess there's no any Pink Leopard existing at all. But for fashion industry, there is! And it's  perfect for corporate outfits. Allow me to represent my Pink Leopard. I paired it with  black leggings to put more emphasis on the prints. I also put-on one of my fave cover up to look corporate. And of course don't forget the neck accessory to look edgy since Leopard are known to be strong and fearless. 

What do you think of my outfit?

Top: Pink Leopard gift from colleague last Christmas (Monique L.)
Cover-up: Thrift from a friends garage sale
Bottom: Black Leggings (Guo)
Shoes: MYX
Accessories: Tomliz 

Floral Short/Skirt

Shorts are typically worn in warm weather country like Philippines where airflow are more important than the protection of the legs. While skirt is a tube shape like garment that hangs from the waist and covers part of the legs. These two outfit are one of my fave easy to wear  because it's comfy and at the same time you can be girly. Here's how I wear my floral short. No! It's skirt. Nah! It's a short/skirt. I paired  it with denim polo blouse and denim shoes. I also wear necklace to add  feminine touch. 

Floral Short Skirt

What do you think of my floral short/skirt?

Top: Bloggers Sale
Short/Skirt: G-Mall Dept. Store
Shoes: Solemate
Necklace: Tomliz 

tag: floral short, floral skirt, shoemate, Gaisano Mall, detachable collar, Tomliz

Matching Yellow

It was Sunday morning and we're off to go to church. I was so excited to try my new flat shoes  and match it with same color blouse. If you happened to view my previous post "My Solemate" you will notice my cute find denim flats with yellow ribbon. To hype it up, I matched it with over sized yellow top and black leggings. I also added rainbow gold bracelet, star ring and yellow shade shoulder bag to put some colors. 

What do you think about my look? 

tag: yellow outfit, denim flat shoes, leggings, Solemate, rainbow bracelet, star ring

My Solemate

Soulmate is someone who makes you feel complete (this meaning refers to a person). But when I saw this pair of shoes in SM Department store I did not hesitate to buy it (parang soulmates agad kaso bagay nga lang) which the brand speaks for is self "Solemate". These are perfect for my ordinary days outfit. There are lots of floral designs and plain colors. Flat shoes is a must have for every girls closet. I can't wait to add more design! =) It is very useful too especially when your on the go. So here are my choices: 

Floral Doll Shoes 
Denim Shoes 

What's your "Solemate" choice? *wink! =)

tag: flat shoes, floral shoes, denim shoes, Solemate, SM Department Store

I Love Shoe Sale

Yesterday, June 8 2012 I went to Abreeza Mall Davao to meet  my friends. We ate at Sabaro. I ordered one of my fave chicago white stuffed pizza (yummy!) and had a business chat. When we finished our meal, we decided to take a walk and go window shopping. We went to Isis, Sunny Side Up and July. They have great selection designs that we like especially the floral dresses and hats by Isis. While continue walking we saw Janylin Shoes. To our delight they are on sale. Super affordable from 399php, 599php to 999php. WOW! What an offer! I Love Shoe Sale! =) Knowing Janylin shoes are quite expensive. But to my excitement, I started to put on all the shoes I like and choosing what I want to buy. It was already 15-10mins before closing time so I decided to pick the formal beige closed shoes with animal prints which I believe perfect wear for smart casual occasion. Here's a peek to what I did yesterday.

Janylin Shoes at Abreeza Mall Davao

I love putting them on especially this floral shoes. I do hope still have budget for this. 

Together with my sister and friends (Ina and Nyke)

Here's what I got! Beige closed shoes with animal prints perfect to wear
for smart casual occasion. <3
While walking towards parking area, we saw this photo wall "Style Origin". Abreeza Mall is having a photo contest for all stylista out there. Here's my photo taken by my tsinita friend Ina. For more mechanics visit or like them at


PS: My photos are not so clear. I'm only using my ipad during that day. Hope you still like it..

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Cool Stuff for School

It's back to school season once again and I'm 100% sure all kids are excited to buy new school supplies required by their schools. To avoid the last minute shopping, Me & Samantha decided to buy her stuff earlier to avoid rush mode. While choosing supplies for her, I saw this cute stuff that I can use during working and crafty mode. Hope you like it too! =)

Cute eraser (about 1.3 cm)

I really like pens especially with cute designs.
I think I have more than 10 pens (working & no-working) that I kept since high school. (=P)    

This cute magnet fish paper clip holder is form Watson. They sell it at Php10

Everybody needs this to organize everything.

Do I need a diary? Yup! I still do. Even I have Ipad, I still need this "handy-dandy-note book" for my quick reference.

Which where they go??? hehehehe! I like this arrow post it. It reminds me on what to do. 

Loving DIY project? I do! I saw this cloth like sticker at WS Mall and bought it at Php39.  

You can use this to jazz up your pen holder, notebook, scissor and even your cellphone.

I like post-it!

Saw this Smiley mouse pad at WS.
It reminds me to stay happy kahit stress na sa work.. *Toink! 
And for those who don't have school bags yet and needs to purchased printers 
in preparation for school projects, here's one for you!  
Canon Marketing Philippines present: Canon PIXMA Standout Promo! 
Buy Canon Pixma Printer or Genuine Inks at your nearest I.T. store and 
ask them how to avail this cool stuff.
Promo period: May 1 to August 31, 2012

Check out this link for Promo Mechanics 

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Childish Accessories

It's 4th week of April and forgive me for featuring my accessories for this month a little bit late. If you followed my blog, last month I featured about Accessories that more on silver and bronze design for chic. Since it's summer time, I'm now into childish accessories with colorful and playful type. Hope you like it.. =)

Star Ring for Dreamy Girls
Guitar Ring for Rock Star Chic
Spade & Clover Ring for Playing Cards

Ribbon Ring for Sweet 16
Tassle Earrings for Sweety 
Blue Heart for You

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Purple Short

Last month, I was looking at my closet and saw a small pile of shorts. I’ve noticed I only have few of it and more on color black, brown, white, red & jeans type shorts. Then I realized I want to have different colors short with different materials that I can wear this summer.  While walking at the Mall I saw this purple silky short with cute polka dots ribbon belt. I matched it with black statement shirt and add up some accessories like dangle “curtain” earrings (matched with purple short), black ribbon ring, black/gold bangle & black high heels to look simple, girly & edgy at the same time.  What do you think?

Top shirt by Mango; Purple silky short pants by WAGW

Accessories: Dangle Curtain Earrings, black ribbon ring, black/gold bangle (from my Mom),  Parisian  black shoes

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edgy; oc-craft, Mango, WAGW , Parisian shoes

The Sun is Up

Hellooooo Mr. Sun! Today is your month and everybody is excited to plan their vacation get-away. Summer is a season where everybody is longing for beach & out-of-town get-away where you can chill whole day, soak your feet in water, drinking mash cold melon smoothies, bonding with friends & family. And for bloggers like me, it is time to wear lighter clothes like shorts, sleeveless, sheer cloth and floral prints. Let us not forget our sunblock, sunny shades & hats to protect us from hit of the sun. Here’s my version of summer outfit. Tell me what you think? xoxo

Floral long sleeve  (folded into 3/4); Violet razor back lace ; Black shorts ; Fedora hat

Start your summer with a SMILE! =)


How many times have you attended wedding celebration? Do you find it pressure when choosing a clothes to wear? Well, here’s my tips for you: (1) Identify the motif of the wedding. (2)  Know your role during the wedding. If you’re part of the entourage then you don’t have to worry about. But if you’re a guest then you can play with color closer to the wedding’s motif or you can play with white, cream or skin tone colors.  Avoid wearing black dress. Why? Because it seems that you’re not happy for the couple to get married. Agree? Well, except if their motif is black then you can wear that color. (3) Match your make-up color to your dress to complement a lighter aura (the lighter; the better). (4) Minimal your accessories. Ear rings, bracelet & necklace will do and always carry lighter hand/shoulder bag.  (5) Don’t forget to wear your Smile. =) I hope my tips work for you. Here are my photos taken last Tuesday during my friend’s wedding. Have fun! =) 

Skin tone dress (Femma), Nude shoes (So! F.A.B.), Native bag (just a gift) =) 

Front & Back
Here's a glimpse during the wedding.. 
Her raffled gown is lovely, isn't it? 

Best wishes to Maui & Dexter! <3


Do you know that accessories can polish your boring outfit? Yup! it can. Even you wear simple white shirt, jeans and flip flops your outfit can standout with accessories.

Accessories are items that are use to contribute in a secondary manner to the wearer's outfit. The term came into use in the 19th century. It is often used to complete an outfit and are chosen to specifically complement the wearer's look. There are two categories of fashion accessories: those that are carried and those that are worn. Carried accessories include canes, hand fans, swords, handbags, parasols and umbrellas. Accessories that are worn may include boots and shoes, cravats, ties, hats, gloves, muffs, jewellery, watches, shawls, scarves, socks, bonnets and stockings. (Reference:

This month, I'm going to feature my new accessories. Hope you like it.. Have fun! =)

"Social Cat Necklace"
"Victoria's Necklace"
"Owl City Bangle"
"Ursula Ring"
"Cinderella's Carousel Ring"
And lastly, my friend gave me this ring last week and I call it "Nyke's flats"
(Thanks Te Nyke!)

Where's Paris

Do you love Sabado (Saturday)? Me, I do! Yup! Super love.. 
Why? Because of a loooong sleep, late to wake up in the morning, complete breakfast meal, 
no pressure of taking a bath (yah! taking a bath in the morning for me is pressure) 
and I can fix myself whatever I wanted to.

Here's my outfit of the day.. "Paris with LOVE".. 

Playing with loose strips shirt, red shorts & doll shoes..
Where's Paris anyway?? 
I think I need a hat & paint brush pang Paris na ang beauty! hehehe! (=P)

Photograph by: Samantha C.
Accessories: Barb wire & black cord bracelet (BOMO Gift and Souvenir Shoppe, Co.), 
Paris necklace (DCLA)

Up There

What you think of my outfit? 

The Peak (by day) is located at the 5th floor Gaisano Mall Davao parking area.
The place is not yet filled with tenants but there are few stores already operating.
What I like the most with the place it's over looking and perfect for my urban outfit "Chill Chic".

Huli! Ang Nagaraya.. Hehehe! =)
The Peak by night..

Fitting Room

Like girls, boys are also picky when buying their clothes. Agree?
Yup! They are... Artistahin? Oo! (=P)
This photo was taken last January 15, 2012 after attending Baby Mateo's Baptismal.
Have fun! *wink!

Outfit # 1

Outfit # 2

So, do you agree?? 
That's why I'm with him whenever I shop around. 
He's one of my consultant. =)

Venue: Robinsons, Abreeza Mall Dvo.

(Photograph by Samantha C.)
I feel comfortable when wearing maxi-dress specially when it's cold and breezy weather. 
Last year I received floral maxi-dress from my Manita (Chelly). =)
I'm planning to have at least five of it  so I can wear it during gloomy days.. 
(additional 1 floral & 1 classy black chic to be paired with chunky neck lace) 
*Like! Hehehe!
While still searching for a design, here is my latest photo taken at My Crib and Microtel Davao
during Baby Mateo's (Nephew) Baptismal Day last January 15, 2012.. Have fun! =)

Maxi Dress

(Photograph by Hubby)

I'm with my cousin (Jesar a.k.a. Rider?!)

Blue nails for Blue dress..

* Nice lamp..

with my daughter (Samantha)..  Hope you like it! =)
The photographer.. (RJ L.)

Loving Nail Art

What is Nail Art? It is a practice of painting decorative designs on your fingernails, is a fun way to brighten up your everyday look or accessorize a special occasion outfit.
-Dana Hinders

But for me, it's my stress reliever. How did I get into it? Here's my story:

While walking inside G-Mall Dept. Store, I passed by cosmetic area. Then I saw the nail polished section and noticed nail sticker accessories. I' ve seen nail accessories at some dept. store but I've noticed this nail art sticker design. It's cool and easy to install. Which I automatically grab it and brought two designs. See below photos for my attempts.. Have fun! =)

2nd Attempt (My 1st was wasted..)
3rd Attempt ("Hello Meow2x")

4th Attempt Nov. 2011 ("Zombading")
5th Attempt (I'm using 3D Nail Seal Floral Collection..)

6th Attempt Dec. 2011 Collection ("Hello Dazzle!")
Polished by Hair Zone Abreeza Mall. Using Orly Dazzel..

*Now I'm thinking of Glittery Gold.. I will post it soon.. (=D)