Lookbook Live

SM Lanang Premier presents Lookbook Live featuring fashion blogger Laureen Uy of and David Guison of last July 19, 2019 during their 3-Day Sale. Laureen and David did some mix and match various pieces for the runway show featuring the hottest fashion trends from participating brands.
During the runway, I've notice Laureen is more on mix and match combination. She also shares that a hat, shades or an earring can add life to your simple outfit. Here are the few shoots I took during the catwalk.
I like this outfit. The floral blazer, pink strips inner top, butter fly printers leggings and the silver/white sandals represents femininity.
There was also a contest running during the event and lucky me, I was one of the Top 20 OOTD at SM Lanang Premier Instagram contest. Yheeey! Unfortunately, I was not that lucky *toink! But I was able to meet new fashion bloggers & access to meet & greet Laureen & David. Still lucky me! (=D)
Jayr Gutierrez of and @lalalapae on instagram are also in the Top 20.
It's time to meet and great with David Guison and Laureen Uy. (^,^)
Thanks to Lovely of (here) for encouraging me to join the contest, reserving my seat and taking photos of me during the event. Also to Jayr of (here) for being my seatmate and for taking photos of Laureen & David. And also to @lalalapae for being funny & approachable (I like your attitude! *wink) Parang winner lang ang peg sa pa-thank you ko. Hahaha! Anyway, I'm just happy & that's it. And Oh! Before I end, keep on visiting my blog for my Birthday Giveaway update. Stay connected! -XOXO-
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 Birthday Wish List 2013

It's already mid of July and next month will be my birth month. HOORAY!!! It's time for me to make a birthday wish list. So here's what I'm eyeing for:
1. Full Length Mirror for easy selfie post for instagram.
2. Yoga Mat for my Saturday morning warm-up
3. Power Bank with complete connector for gadgets back-up.
4. iPad Mini 16gb or 32gb for easy carry
5. and a Honda Fit Car maybe. "Sana manalo sa raffle". Trying my luck here guyz.. *cross fingers hehehe!
By the way, since my birthday month is coming I will be having my 1st Birthday Giveaway to all my lovely readers. So keep on visiting my blog for update. -XOXO-

4 Things I've learned during Eye Makeup Workshop + BYS Cosmetics

Since they say that "The eyes are the windows to the soul", It’s time for me to pamper my eyes! So last May 25, 2013 I attended Eye Makeup Workshop by Ryan G. Wong and Noeh A. Jani at Yellow Hauz Coffee Shop, Davao City Philippines. Here are 4 things I've learned during the workshop: 1. You must have the Right Tools.

2. Know the Parts of the Eye.

3. Shape your Eyebrows.

4. Know your Eye Shape.

With these guide you will know what shape your eyes are and what application you must use. I think I'm a close set eyes type. So I'm going to put eyeliner at full upper & half below. Then make shade application like the eyeliner way but at the lid area. But Noeh A. Jani did a smokey eye sample at me using BYS Cosmetics purple shades to make more dramatic. By the way, BYS means “Be Yourself”. It is a range of cosmetics made form Australia. It is fashionable and affordable with lots of shades to choose. Thanks for Ms. Ria who shared those fabulous cosmetics. Like BYS Cosmetics here and visit their website here.

Thanks to Ryan G. Wong & Noeh A. Jani from The MakeUp Specialists for sharing your knowledge about makeup application. You can also join their workshops; visit them at their FB page here and they are also doing professional makeup services like conventional makeup, airbrush makeup, events, weddings, debut, photo shots, glamour and theatre. Email them at How do you pamper your eyes? Share your tips below. I love to read them. -XOXO- =)

Good News to All Gensan Canon Users!

Good news to all Soccsksargen Bloggers (General Santos City) out there! Canon Marketing Philippine Inc. will be having a FREE Canon Photoskwela Seminar to all Canon users. It will be filled with information on how to use features of your camera and teach you about the techniques they used to get beautiful photos that you can also apply. This will be held on July 6 & 7, 2013 at SM Gensan form 3pm to 5pm with special speakers Mr. Jo Avila (Photography Instructor) and Ely Teehankee (Wild Bird Photography) who are one of the  Canon Ambassadors in the Philippines. Registration is FREE! See below details for more information.

But wait there's more!
To make your photos last and keep all those good memories, why don't you print it and hang them at your walls! It's more rewarding to see your brilliant photos hanging there, right?! So here's another great seminar from Canon Marketing Philippines, it's Print Like A Pro Seminar by Mr. Jo Avila. It will be held in Microtel Gensan on July 5, 2013 at 1pm. LIMITED slots only so check event details below on how to register.

See you there! 


Human Heart Nature (May-June 2013 Magalogue Launching)

Human Heart Nature launched their May-June 2013 Magalogue last May 18, 2013 at Plaza del Carmen, Loyola St. Bo. Obrero, Davao City. I've heard the brand from a friend and saw it at mall exhibit but I haven't tried their products yet. Thanks to Ms. Suzette of Davao Blogger for inviting me and now I was able to experience their products. =) For those who haven't known the brand yet, I am going to share with you a brief background. Human <3 Nature have 3 philosophy it’s Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor & Pro-Environment which they are using only Philippine products that are organic, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Their products are 100% no harmful chemicals and animal cruelty-free. 

Bug Shield Mosquito Repellent, Deet-FREE Oil Php 159.75 (100ml) & Php 99.75 (50ml).
Trivia: Deet is used in many insect repellents. It was developed for military warfare and not for daily or long-term use. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to deet kills brain neurons and affects the central nervous system. 
Tough Love Natural Powder Detergent Php 199.75 (1000g)
Non-drying on your hands, biodegradable and 100% free from harmful chemicals.
Trivia: Over 80% of the ingredients used are locally sourced. This mean the  more you used this product, the more livelihood  you are able to generate for the Philippines economy.
Natural Baby Wash in New Look  Php 289.75 (500ml), Php 129.75 (200ml) and Php 44.75 (50ml) 
Dematological Tested and  Proven Safe.
Trivia: Stuudies show that massaging your baby with sunflower oil lessens the rist of developing skin infections by 41% according to Dr. Leslie Baumann, Cosmoceutical Critique of sunflower oil.
Spray Sanitizers 100% Natural and Triclosan-Free
Php 189.75 (200ml) and Php 59.75 (50ml) with 3 scents: Tropical, Citrus and Cool Burst which I love most because of its aroma sent.
Trivia: Triclosan is an ingredient usually found in the chemical sanitizers which is classified as an irritant. Independent studies have found it may be linked to endocrinal and reproductive malfunctions. 

That's me at the mirror side! #selfie =) 
Perfect Glow Mineral Blush with Vit. E Php 275 (4.3g)
 L-R (Sun-kissed  and Pink Bloom). Now comes with a natural brush.
It also have Mineral Blush with 4 pretty shades 

(Rosy Cheeks, Pink Quartz, Petal Bloom & Tropical Rose)
from  Php 225 to Php. 195 (3.5g)
What I like with this product is when I brush it on check twice, the color show right away.
Sunflower Beauty Oil Php 249.75 (100ml) & Php 149.75 (50ml)
This product is one of their Best Seller because it has 23 Miracles in one oil.
I'm using this product as my makeup remover and it absorbed immediately. 
Just click on their web site here for more details.

Visit Human <3 Nature at Plaza del Carmen, Loyola St. Bo. Obrero, Davao City. 
Tel No. (082) 295-2976

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 Things I Saw During Vietnam Trip

Last March 2013, I attended company enhancement seminar at Waterfront Insular Hotel. Before the seminar starts we were ask to pick a place where you want to go if given a chance to have a spare time. I choose Bangkok because of the beautiful temple structures, great shopping centers and to know their culture. Travelling is in my list this year and luckily another trip was offered to me by the company I'm working with last April 4 to 8, 2013. So without further ado here are the things I saw during Vietnam trip  in Hanoi and Saigon. 

1st day I bought Vietnam hat (non la/ leave hat). This is their traditional hat that protects them from sun and rain. 
Motorcycle is their mode of transportation. 
Even a lady wearing corporate attire/ dress/ skirt type used motorcycle as her mode of transportation. Amazing!

Beautiful temple structure at The Temple of Literature.

Beautiful girl's wearing their traditional clothes while filming a video.
Inside The Temple of Literature. 
While taking some photo I saw this girl hair style that triggered me to take her a shot. Nice hair style isn't it? 
Watched Traditional Water Puppet Show at Thang Long Theater. 
They love flowers and so do I.  I wonder if they change the water from time to time para iwas dengue. *toink!
The Reunification Palace (Independence Palace). 
One of the rooms inside the palace of the President. 
Cool vintage phone in pastel colors. Kikay din pala sila noon?! Cute! =) 
I don't know what they call it but the water tiles design look nice. They also have different designs in their streets walls too.
Saigon Central Post Office. 
If you stare at it you will notice the gothic architectural style that was designed and constructed by the famous architect Gustave Eiffel. 
When I was inside, 1st thing that goes in my mind was the place is perfect for recording a flash mob. hehehe! =)
Beside the Central Post Office is The Notre Dame Cathedral. The official Basilica of Our Lady of The Immaculate Conception.  About 190 feet long with two bell towers.
Hope you like my quick tour. I look haggard already in this photo. LOL (=D) 
Next target travel is Bangkok.
Whispering: I'm willing to accept sponsorship for the ticket, accommodation and allowance.
hihihi! *wink! 

Thanks for dropping by. Until my next post. 


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Thanks to Canon Mktg. Phils. Inc. and to the approval Heads. =)

Mistress Nakakastress

Black peplum dress, fishnet stockings and black shoes w/ studs.This is what I wore during Bloggers Christmas Royale last December 7, 2012 at My Hotel Davao City. 

This is the first Davao Bloggers' Christmas Party that I attended. You might wondering why  I    prefer to be in black the fact that it's a Christmas party. Well, the theme is that every blogger must wear something closer to the Sky Fall movie like  James Bond, Show Girls, Mafia, Pimp or Gangster. I like to wear show girl outfit but I haven't invest for sequence cloths yet. So I decided to wear all black to pretend Mr. James Bond's girlfriend. However, I did not achieve it also. Instead of James Bond Girlfriend, I became James Bond Mistress. LOL! With my back detail & fishnet stockings, who would think I'm not his mistress?! *tionk!

Outfit detail: Dress (Dion Collection), Fishnet Stockings (Saizen), Shoes: Figliarina, Bag: From Mama's Closet,
and Thanks  you Sister for hair style 

So here are the photos taken during the event.

Together with the Winner of Best Male Costume of the night.

Best Male and Female Costume of the night. 
(Ms. Vanessa Mabini of My Teenage Kid and Me)

Cool Gangster costume player

The Fashion Bloggers

I'm now a Certified Davao Blogger Member 2012 *weeee!

The Davao Bloggers Officers and Members

And to my bloggers friends Anna Liza, Lovely and Jay Rule
THANK YOU for the company. Sa uulitin! =)

And Oh! By the way, may bangs did not survive the curls. Next time I will use super hard hair spray.

How was your Christmas Party? I love to read your comments below.


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Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat!!!!  This is  one of the most awaited events on Malls by the children. They are excited to roam around  asking for candies to the establishments who are also have fun waiting for the kids. Kids love to wear their favorite super hero, anime, animals and of course monster costume.  For this year's event, my childhood friends and I decided to play animal costume for our kids . So here are the few shots I took during that day.

Butterfly Princess 
Little Devil

White Lady

Cat Woman
Little Ms. Piggy
Baby Caterpillar, His Mommy Fairy and the Busy Bee

And of course, Moms excited to collect candies too! (=D)

To match up the event and my daughter's costume,here's what I wore.

I'm The Mommy Cat Woman / Leopardess
I wore animal print on top covered with yellow vest for highlights. Since my animal print top is too short, I decided to wear black top underneath so it can cover my upper body. I also paired it with black leggings so I can wear my high boots. And don't forget the mask, to hide my identity when I'm on duty. 

Hope you like my post! =)

What did you wear during trick or treat? I love to read your comments below.


Travel Trip: Jive Highland Resort

Travel is one of my things to do every year. At least once or twice a year is okay with me. From local, domestic or international trip will do. So I decided to add new blog label here name "Travel Trip". Last October 6, 2012 I was given a chance to visit Jive Highland Resort located at Sitio Tagumpay, Bgy. Datu Salumay, Marilog District. It is 70 to 80 kilometers away from Davao City. Since it's highland resort, expected fog will meet you along the way and during your stay. They have Falls, natural cave, playground, basketball court, tree houses, club house/ function hall for any occasion purposes. Here are photo taken during the trip.

The place is perfect for jump shot! (=D)

Hope you like my travel trip post..

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The Urban Jungle Fashion Show by IPANEMA

IPANEMA had an Urban Jungle Fashion Show at Abreeza Mall, Davao last October 19, 2012. It was a night full of mystical jungle fashion show featuring Ipanema newest collections of bright colors, bold prints and vibrant patterns. The stage was perfectly designed  for the concept.

Ipanema models wore animal-like costumes such as: zebra,peacock,dolphin, wolf, eagle, goat, ostrich, snake and lion as they ramp wearing Ipanema collections. Their make up and outfits were great enough to amaze me.

Interesting isn't it?! Ipanema collections is located at Bambu, 2nd level of Abreeza Mall Davao.

I like this red & blue flip-flops with ribbon & star design. It looks so classy. They also have cute flip-flops for kids.. So guys visit their outlet at Abreeza Mall and I bet you'll love to wear Ipanema collections too!

Say "Hi!" to these cute and cuddly safari stuffed toys! You can have this for every purchase of  Ipanema flip-flops and sandals worth P1,500 from October 8 to November 8, 2012. For more details you can visit Ipanema Philippines on Facebook. 

To end this post, I would like to thank Davao Bloggers for inviting me to watch this event. And thanks to Bambu & Ipanema Philippines for the cool tokens. They are nice to wear in going to the  malls, strolling or in the beach. I love it! 

Photo by: Anna Alfafara

Photo by: Anna Alfafara (Thank you!)
Have a great day!

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Ipanema Urban Jungle Fashion Show

NIGHT OF THE FASHION ANIMALS. A creative outburst shines onstage as dancers showcase a different world with the Ipanema philosophy of unleashing everyone’s wild side
IPANEMA brings an exciting foot wear design with a bevy of collections featuring a lauded mix of bright colors, bold prints and vibrant patterns to all Dabawenyos. As a famous Brazilian flip-flops brand, they are excited to show Dabawenyos with it's unique design by having "Urban Jungle Fashion Show" at Abreeza Mall Activity Center, Davao City on October 12, 2012 at 6:30pm. Behold as Ipanema promise an unforgettable experience for the senses featuring fresh, animated pieces from the stylista-friendly brand.

MYSTICAL REVERIE. Fashion meets mystical creatures in a festive display of brave prints and bold colors with the new Ipanema collection. Onstage, dancers pose with Patxi Elizalde, owner and president of BAMBU Ventures, Inc., home of the famous Brazilian foot wear brands, IPANEMA, Grendha and Rider.

For more information, visit the IPANEMA Philippines official fan page at

Mission Accomplished!

During my vacation leave, food tripping is one of the things I love to do. Yup! you got it right! It's eating....Eating is very important in our body. When you feel week, dizzy and irritated it means you are already hungry. When you're hungry, it is the time to eat your meal in order to help your mind calm and restore lost energy in your body. When you eat, your body will function well. To complete my vacation leave and satisfy my hunger,  Sam and I dined at Army Navy, located at Abreeza Mall, Davao City. Their main dish are the Bully Boy Burger and Burrito. But we ordered only classic burger and burrito. All their buggers come from natural beef patties, top with fresh and crispy lettuce, tomato slice, onions, mayo and ketchup plus toasted sesame seed. While their burrito is filled with meat  Spanish rice, beans, onions, lettuce, cilantro served with salsa and a slice of lime. To give you idea how it looks like, here are the photos taken during that day.

Classic Burger @ P155 and Freedom Fries @ P65

Steak Burrito @ P175
My date (Sam)
Army Navy satisfied our hunger! Mission Accomplished!
I will end up this post with outfit details:

Top: Mango
Bottom: Black Sheep
Sandals: San Pedro Tiange
Bag: From Sister

Don't skip your meal from your blogger friend.
Have a great day! =)

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BWB2012: "Think before you click" 

It's September 22, 2012 and I'm here at Malagos Garden Resort for Blog Weekend Bootcamp. I've waited for this event to come and excited to learn more about basic blogging. It’s our day two, everybody gathered and ready to listen for seminar. When the speaker starts talking, most of us take down notes and starts asking questions. During the event, each group was given a task to make a short video about what comes first into your mind when you hear the statement “Think before you click”. Everybody was thinking what could be the best answer? Will our answers connect to that statement? These are some questions poped out in our minds during that day. Then we came up to this video.

Be AWARE and RESPONSIBLE of what you click.

A friendly reminder from your co-blogger. 

Have a great day! 

P.S. Event details will be post next week.

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Greenwich Blowout

Greenwich is one of the favorite pizza food chains of Filipinos. And not only that, they also serving pasta, chicken and dessert. Few Davao bloggers were invited last September 14, 2012 to Greenwich Blowout at SM Davao. Even though I'm late during the event, due to work load that needs to be settled before the week ends and heavy traffic built up, the staff and crew of Greenwich were very accommodating. They still let me in and offer their mouth watering Greenwich Special Over Load Pizza and their New Extraordinary Crispy Glazed Chicken which is very affordable for only P79.00/meal (sulit!).  You know what's extraordinary about it? The extraordinary fried chicken is packed with extraordinary goodness with special marinade seeps through each extra large piece which is cooked to an inviting crispiness. Yum-yum-yum! I'm feeling hungry again! Here are the photos taken during the event.

Thank you for the giveaway! It's very useful. =)

Go and check your nearest Greenwich store and 
let your mouth experience its extraordinary crispy and taste!

Click this link (GREENWICH) for your easy menu and contact details.

 Happy Eating! =)


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Learn from the PROS: CANON PhotoSkwela

Last Saturday, September 1, 2012. Canon Marketing Philippines had a free learning session entitled Canon PhotoSkwela at SM Annex Davao City. The guest speakers were Mr. Aly Reyes, Ms. Cheyser Pedregosa together with Mr. Aidx Paredes and Mr. Tonee Despojo. Mr. Aly discussed the basic and everyday photography; Ms. Cheyser (Canon Ixus Brand Ambassador) with her guest speaker Mr. Aidx discussed the blog photography and styling workshop; and advance photography discussed by Mr. Tonee. The event was informative. It adds up and enhances my knowledge on how to take shots using natural light, shadow effect, panning, following the rule of thirds and guidelines on how to use and enhance your blog. Actually,  I was excited to meet Cheyser. She is one of my fave blogger! =)  Thanks to Canon, Sir Kim and Ms. Star for giving me access to meet her.. Here are the photos taken during the event.

Mr. Aly Reyes 

Ms. Cheyser Pedregosa (The Walking Recessionista) 

Mr. Aidx Paredes (Young Blood)

Adix and Cheyser together with my cousin Lea.

Aidx, Aly, Cheyser and Kim 

Mr. Tonee Despojo 

Canon PhotoSkwela. (Like it on Facebook)

Until next PhotoSkwela Canon! (=D)

Here's my outfit details:

Blazer: NCCC Dept. Store
Bag: Mango
Shoes: Solemate
Accessories: Black Rubber at Bomo; Timex watch; 
Silver bracelet at Tomliz 

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Do you remember about my birthday wish list posted 10 days before my birthday? For those who missed it you can click this "Birthday Wish List". I'm happy to share with you that out of my five birthday wish list, I got three. Not bad right? Well, I'm excited to share with you what I bought myself  and what I received from special some one as  birthday present. I will not hold you any longer. Here's what I bought for myself:

Pink Blazer from W.A.G.W. 
(addition collection for my corporate outfit)

Here is Hubby's gift: Enovation Tripod
(perfect for my mini studio)

Thank you Babe! <3 
Next time remote shooting naman tapos 50mm na Canon lens or 
studio flash pwede na din. Hehehehe! Love you! =)

And one more thing, the least that I expect to received is the wish list #5 which is the iphone 4s or the BB phone. But God is good! He answered my prayers! After waiting for 3-4 months upgrade plan and availability of the phone. He set it up for my special day. I have my loyalty phone BB! Weeeeeee!  (=D)

Oh! to bad Fashionary is not available at National Book Stores in Davao. Maybe I have to order it online. For 1TB External Drive, I think I still need to save some more and make it as my next project.  

Till next wish list! 

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Birthday Bash

August is one of my fave month of the year. You know why???  It is because of so many celebrations and happenings during this month. As to birthdays, my brother on the 23rd, sister on the 25th and my kababata (Nyke) on the 19th and there are many to mention pa. And oh! Our most awaited  King of all the Festivals, our Kadayawan sa Davao on Aug 17-19 wherein lots tourists and celebrities are coming here to witness and celebrate this event. Another thing that made this month perfect is our extended week-end due to the end of Ramadan on the 20th, EDSA Celebration on 21st and National Hero's Day on the 27th. AND MOST ESPECIALLY one thing I like most is when I celebrated My Birthday last Aug. 8. As far as I remember, last year I celebrated it wearing birthday hat and a cake eye wear.

2011 Birthday Celebration @ Office (My hair is short!)
 And now I'm at the age where they say "still at the bracket of late twenties", I celebrated it having a theme of "Victorian Party" with my colleagues. 

I also celebrated it with my family at home due to strong rain & heavy traffic last Aug.7, 2012.

Thanks everyone for making my day special. Till next year!

Here's music video by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen "Good Time"


PS: Remember the Birthday wish list I post 10 days before my day? 
Well I'm going to post what I receive this week. Till next post..

Special  thanks to my Sister (Dimple) who brought  my  head dress & 
my Mama (Ofel) for the delicious spaghetti . (panalo sa panglasa!)  =)

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Madayaw Davao

Today (August 18, 2012) is one of the biggest event of Kadayawan sa Dabaw which is "Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan". This is where the 10 tribes show their culture by performing dance number on the streets or they call it "Street Dancing Competition". Malapit na mafull charge ang battery ko! Yehey! But before I go, here's a friendly reminder to my fellow bloggers.

Kadayawan Schedule to guide you to the whole event.

Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan 2012 Route to keep you on tract.

Be Safe! 

God Bless!


Happy Kadayawan fellow Dabawenyos!

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6th Canon Kadayawan sa Dabaw Photography Competition

Kadayawan Festival is an annual festival in Davao City, Philippines. It is derived from Mandaya word which means "Madayaw". It is a warm and friendly greetings which explain a thing that is valuable, good and beautiful. It is also a thanksgiving for the gift of nature, wealth of culture, bounties of harvest and serenity of living. 

And this year, Canon Marketing Philippines will be celebrating it's 

The competition is open to all photographers who are using Canon Photography equipment. It will start during the contest period (Aug 18-19, 2012), covering only the events of Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2012 Festival. Registration is FREE! But pre-registration is REQUIRED. Registration Form is available at the Canon DHub Store (3rd level, Gaisano Mall of Davao & Abreeza Ayala Mall), Canon Davao Office or to the secretariat of Museo Dabawenyo c/o Oca Casaysay, faxed at (082) 222 6011 or email to Valid registration shall be confirmed through email. 

August 1-13, 2012 (Registration Period)
August 18-19, 2012 (Contest Period)
August 27 to September 3, 2012 (Submission of Photo Entries)
September 17, 2012 (Awarding of Winners)
October 17 to November 15, 2012 (Exhibit Period)


1st prize Ixus 1000HS camera

2nd Prize PS A810 camera

3rd Prize IP2770 printer

But wait there's more! Canon Marketing will give FREE RED Canon Kadayawan 
T-Shirt for the first 200 official participants. So hurry! Let's paint the town RED!  


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Canon Marketing  Phils. Inc. Kadayawan Festival

 Birthday Wish List

My birthday is coming 10 days from now and I'm wondering what I want for my birthday? Well, well, well! I'm eyeing on this staff and I told myself to buy these someday. Here are my Birthday wish list for this year..


The name "FASHIONARY" comes from "Fashion + Dictionary + Diary". The sketchbook is combined with intensive fashion information and blended figure templates. It is the perfect tool for brainstorming, fast sketching and quick referencing.
You can also check this link for more reference 

2. Colorfull BLAZER from W.A.G.W. & SOUL Lifestyle

I love blazers. These are perfect for my corporate outfit. 
Check out their site for more photos (I'm pretty sure you will love them too!)

3. Camera Tripod

Perfect for my mini studio. *wink!

4. 1 Tb External Drive

For my photo and document library.

5. iphone 4s or Blackberry will do

Libre lang ang mangarap! 

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WD 1Tb external drive, iphone 4S, blackberry phone

Style Origin Fashion Show

Last June 9, 2012 I attended another fashion show event at Abreeza Mall Davao. It was Style Origin Fashion Show participated by almost all branded clothes that you can see inside Abreeza Mall. Before I will share my experience during that day, I would like to thank my colleague Ms. Star Algones for giving me passes to the event (One Big Hug for you!) (=D). So here it is... I came up late during the event, and the show already started. The band was playing and the models started to walk on the ramp. The stage is so big and the ramp is to long which  allows you enough time to take photos of them. During the ramp, my attention was caught by 5 brands. These are Art Work, Penshoppe, WAGW, SOUL and Dorothy Perkins. To give you an idea, here's my shoots during the event.

Art Work
Perfect for lazy day outfit.

Simple yet classy outfit.

Girly outfit.

Classy chic outfit.

Here's Cheyser! One of my fave blogger. =)

Classic feminine outfit. 

For your babies.

And of course here is my outfit during that day. 

Hope you like it! Visit Abreeza Mall Davao

Oh! By the way, here's the song played by the band " Never the Strangers".

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Sinangag Express

Looking for 24/7 Express Meal? Here it is! Sinangag Express newly opened last June 1, 2012. It is located at Metro Life Style compound F. Toress St. Davao City. I recommend this place to those who are on the go persons who need to take express meal before going to work or even to passers by travelers. This is just the right place for you.  Here's a quick tour of their place.

The have this cool jeepney near their entrance. 

Cool signs to remind you when your driving.

They also have plate numbers & quotations on the walls.
 I do agree with this  quotation...
"It sure does make the day long  when you get to Work on Time".
Anyways, here's what they serve during the opening. I have fried egg, pork churizo, chicken/pork tocino and one of my favorites daing na isda (bulad/fried fish) then soak it in vinegar. yum! 

Here's their menu and the price is so affordable. Choices from 40-70php
Inside something catches my attention wherein you can see their jeepney like counter.
Here I am eating with Monique & Ms. Kristine who invited us.

The day will not end without imprinting this special event. Canon Marketing Philippines did free photo printing for their guests during that day. 

I'm ending this post with my outfit. By the way, the event was early morning around 8am. It was my VL (Vacation Leave) but I need to wake up early and choose something that I can wear easily. So here's what I got; Floral maxi dress by Issi (gift by Michelle), denim jacket by Bobson & metalic pink slipper. I didn't even bother to bring hand bag during that day. Thank you jacket for having pocket inside. I was able to bring my driver's license, car key, cellphone & money. And of course, my hand cam Canon Ixus 1000HS for the on the go events documentation.

Lesson learned: Next time before leaving the house, make sure you check your cam if there is SD card inside. Good thing I have my colleague (Frenzy) who have extra SD card that I used during that day. 

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Ixus 1000HS, Bobson, Issi 

Mommy Mode 001

Kids now a days grow up so fast. Yesterday she's just a toddler. Today she's already a Kid. Tomorrow, I have a Teenage daughter. Amazing! isn't it? Dati when she was a toddler I told myself, "Sana you grow up na para di na kita buhatin".. Now that she's big, "Sana baby ka pa para mabuhat kita".. Ang gulo! Hehehe! Do you feel the same way too mga mom's out there? 
Recently Sam (my lovely daughter) experienced her 1st communion 
last January 28, 2012 at UIC Bajada Auditorium.

You can tell that she's happy when you look at her face in this photos. Agree?
Well, reaching that level is one of her achievements. 
Mommy's always here to fulfill your dreams baby. I <3 you Sam.. =)

What's you latest achievement with your kids? I would love to hear your stories..
Have a nice weekend! 

Runway Fashion Preview 2012 

My 1st Runway Fashion invite.. *weeeee! (=D)
-Last January 7, 2012 at Abreeza Mall, Davao City-
When my colleague received invitation from M Magazine, I heard a bell rang in my ears (*ding!). I'm so interested to attend the event and I want to thank my colleague ("Moncy") for giving me the slot. *a BIG HUG for you (=>) Here are my shoot during the runway.. Hope you like it..

 How I wish to have animal print shoes..

 Love the classy out-fit..

 I like the PONY bag.. Don't you? =)


 He has tone body.. Good for him.. Stay healthy..

 I like the color combo.. Orange did it..

 Orange brings life to their out-fit..

 I love shoes..

 Pek2x short is out. Hello shorty light skirt..

 Ang Maleta, bow..

 She's one of the guess and I like her hair..

 The designers.. 

 M Maganize, exhibit area..
And off-course my Cocktail Chic outfit.. (Photograph by "Hubby" RJ L.)

Halloween Trick or Treat

Every year, me and my daughter always attending trick or treat at SM, Davao.

This is our 3rd Halloween trick or treat session and this time with my family:

  • Mama Ofel
  • Papa Loloy
  • Dimple (My Sister)
  • Lyn2x (My Sister-In-Law)
  • Blue, Mimi, Shiva & Vishnu (My niece)
  • Samantha (My Daughter)
I invited them para masaya (ang dami namin). Magulo yet fun. =) To give you an idea, here are the photos taken earlier:

Their having fun right?!
They have lots of candies in their goody bag, I also ate them too specially the candy from Mango shop (maasim na masarap). I don't have photo of it isa lang kasi ang nabigay.

To continue, I'm also with my friends (VJDINO-kababatang barkada) but Val & Jullee are not around.

Form left to right: Nyke, Ina, Dimple & Me. Having lunch at Delongtes, near SM, Davao City.

And off-course The Outfit.

Happy Halloween! *wink


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