DYI Project: Studs Shorts

Hi everybody! While I'm still constructing my new years's resolution for this year, I would like to share with you a little crafty side of me. It's almost 6 month since I share DYI project and I can't wait to share with you another DYI project! =) So here's my DYI project: Stud Shorts. Have fun! 


1 pack of stud (50 pcs. Diamond shape)
1 peso coin
1 denim short pants

How to do it?

1. Think of what design you want. It can be circular type, heart shape or box type. Since my studs is quite big, I decided to put it at behind pocket with inverted triangle design. 

2. After finalizing the design, it's time to put the studs spikes into denim. Get your 1 peso coin and use it to push the studs spikes all the way down so it wont come back and poke you.

3. Just continue doing 2nd steps until all studs are place. If you still have studs left, you can add another design at the front pocket or at the side, like what I did here. 

Tadaaaaaaaaah! There you have it! Your DYI Studs Shorts.

Tell me what do you think? I can't wait to see yours too! 

Happy crafting! 


tag: DYI Studs Shorts; Diamond Studs; DYI Project; oc-craft