OC-Craft BeautyMNL Haul


Hypermatte Liquid Liner by Maybelline | 249php

Da Vinci Code Smoochies Lip and Cheek Stain by Skinlab Naturals | 120php

L.A. Colors Love Bird 3D Blush/Contour | 229php
L.A. Colors Love Beige Pressed Powder | 179php

Organic Dry Shampoo Made by Davis in Orange and Vanilla scent | 250php

Beach Born Sea Salt Spray | 180php

Makeup Remover by Detail | 175php
Nippon Pro Dual-Purpose Cleaner | 150php.

Christmas is not over yet... Now it's time to reward and buy something for myself. I was back again interested with makeup lately. I have this group of gorgeous ladies who are very passionate to beauty products. What I like about the group is they are open to share ideas on how to apply makeup, what products best for your skin type and share reviews about the items they have used. They also told me about this online shop called BeautyMNL where you can buy some makeup essentials, hair & skin care products and many more. I've been eyeing for some products at their website and good thing BeautyMNL send me an email to give their site a test run. What I love about this website is that they have wide scope of beauty products and brand. They deliver nationwide and it's on time (5-7 days lead time depending on your area). Actually I received my order 2 days ahead of schedule. So makaHappy sya.. =) They also have free shipping of orders 1,500php and up for this holiday season. I also like their Fresh News Daily section where you can get tips and ideas of their featured products. So here are some items I shopped at BeatyMNL.

Starting of Makeup Products....

I was looking for a perfect eyeliner then I saw Hypermatte Liquid Liner in black shade by Maybelline for 249php. The brush tip is very fine and soft. You can easily draw a perfect cat wing line. 

Then I want to look fresh, so I look for a lip and cheek stain product and saw Da Vinci Code Smoochies by Skinlab Naturals for only 120php (regular price 145php). It looks dark on me, I should picked the Pretty Woman shade instead which is lighter and redish. Well I guest I have to add it on my BeautyMNL wishlist.

Looking at my makeup kit, I've noticed I don't have a contour powder. Then I saw 3D Blush /Contour in Love Bird shade by L.A. Colors for 229php. It's a contour, blush and highlight in one packaging which is travel friendly for me. To set it all, I added L.A. Colors Pressed Powder in Beige shade  for 179php.

Hair Care Products....

I have an oily skin type which makes my hair greasy. I wanted to try dry shampoo and saw Organic Dry Shampoo Made by Davis in Orange and Vanilla scent for 250php. It smells sooooo refreshing because of the essential oil of orange and vanilla. This is also perfect when the climate is cold and you are too lazy to take a morning bath.

I wanted to have a beach wavy hair. Thanks to Beach Born Sea Salt Spray for 180php I can now achieve those messy hair don't care look. By the way, I accidentally taste this spray when my hair touched my lips. Parat jud! ahahahaha!!!!!

After a long day wearing those makeup, it's time to remove and let your skin breath by applying Makeup Remover by Detail for only 175php (regular price 245php). It smells like baby oil in water base. What I like about this product it doesn't harm my eyes. I've tried using other products, when I applied it to remove my eyeliner and mascara my eyes get hurt. So be careful with those products.

Now to the last items, it's time to clean those makeup brush and sponge with Nippon Pro Dual-Purpose Cleaner for only 150php.

What's your favorite item? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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What’s inside The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2017 Giving Journal?


Here's my two sugar cookies for SOS Davao. Merry Christmas Everybody! (^,^)

Photo by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Philippines) FB page here.

Together with pretty ladies here (Athina, Shine, Clea & Verna). 

#LGRP ... with Jexx & Clea

Together with Davao Bloggers Society
Photo by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Philippines) FB page here.

2017 is fast approaching and we're all starting to visualize what a head on us. To make things possible, we need to plan our year right. Thanks to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for The Giving Journal 2017. Now I can start plotting my activities and goals for the next year. What I like about this journal is that it has a page where you can write your top 3 priorities, what you’re grateful for, list of your giving goals and what you have learned throughout the month.  Aside from monthly calendar table, it also has daily corner and a big space where you can take note of your thoughts and strategies in life.  It also has a monthly discount vouchers and a cute mono stickers.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal 2017 is available in four different colors (rose, purple, gray and turquoise) that show graphic presentation of how CBTL commits to giving back to the community through promoting goodwill and social responsibilities. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf hopes to remind everyone that life is all about what we can contribute to the world during #SeasonOfGiving.

What I have right now is The Overflow cover which will reminds me to view life positively, work with passion to achieve life goals and share your blessings with others. Each month of the journal begins with a sketch that symbolizes CBTL various commitment to inspire us to be part of the Giving Journal by highlighting the advocacies of CBTL partners organizations and on how we can take part of it. One such advocacy is the Real LIFE Foundation, an organization committed to serving the poor through education, character development, and community service. Every Giving Journal redeemed throughout the holiday season will enable the dream of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s scholars to take flight. Throughout the page of the 2017 Giving Journal, every individual will find inspiration to brew their best year yet by becoming the best version of ourselves by making a positive difference in the world and living a life full of love and service to others.

Get your own 2017 Giving Journal by collecting 12 stamps with corresponding drink assignment. All 12 stamps must accumulate in one stamp card to claim the journal. A box of CBTL capsules earn the customer two stamps, while any CBTL Single Serve Beverage System purchase automatically allows the customer to claim the 2017 Giving Journal.

For more information about the 2017 Giving Journal,
Visit http://www.coffeebean.com.ph/
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FOLLOW @CBTLPH @BREWPH on Instagram and Twitter, 
and SUBCRIBE to brewyourbestyear.com

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OC-Craft #OOTD: Denim Pencil Skirt


Hey Lovelies, it’s been a while since I haven’t post #OOTD. I’ve been chasing some errands for the past 3 months since I was moved here in Gensan which I already shared with you at my previous post here. Since I live in a dormitory, I take this opportunity to create my own mini studio because of the nice painted wall and I’m alone in the room. Yes I’m alone… I like it and I want to experience it. It’s not what you think it is… Let me share with you a little bit about my life… 

When I was young I shared bedroom with my siblings. Then when our house was renovated, I still shared bedroom but with everybody. Yung tipong daanan ng lahat ng tao ang kwarto mo. Passage way kung baga. Relate much ka din ba? Well… every girl wants to have her own room where she can arrange, decorate and be naked.  Hahahaha!!! Yes naked! Syempre you can’t do that if you know that everybody passes by your room diba? So It’s been in my wish list to have my own bedroom. Moving forward, yes dorm, yes alone and yes mini studio. Sa sobrang mini ng room, sagad din yung distance ko from the camera. Good thing I have a tripod which my ex-boyfriend gift way back 2-3 years ago. Since I don’t have a good source of light and I don’t have a ring light yet, my genius friend Nesy told me to buy an intelligent bulb which cost me for only 150php. The light did not last for an hour so I did quick shots of my outfit using camera timer. Yes, camera timer. I still don’t have a camera remote which I will also include it to my wish list. Going to the outfit details, wearing semi crop top lightweight baby blue shade with lace details on top. I paired it with denim pencil skirt which I bought it from a garage sale here in Gensan for only 50php. It's a lightweight fabric and it has seven pockets on it. I have denim skirts but most of them are mini. What I love about this skirt is the length of it which is appropriate outfit for tricycle and jeep commuters. 

Top: Old Navy | Pencil Skirt: Garage Sale

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