Loving Nail Art

What is Nail Art? It is a practice of painting decorative designs on your fingernails, is a fun way to brighten up your everyday look or accessorize a special occasion outfit.
-Dana Hinders http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-nail-art.htm

But for me, it's my stress reliever. How did I get into it? Here's my story:

While walking inside G-Mall Dept. Store, I passed by cosmetic area. Then I saw the nail polished section and noticed nail sticker accessories. I' ve seen nail accessories at some dept. store but I've noticed this nail art sticker design. It's cool and easy to install. Which I automatically grab it and brought two designs. See below photos for my attempts.. Have fun! =)

2nd Attempt (My 1st was wasted..)
3rd Attempt ("Hello Meow2x")

4th Attempt Nov. 2011 ("Zombading")
5th Attempt (I'm using 3D Nail Seal Floral Collection..)

6th Attempt Dec. 2011 Collection ("Hello Dazzle!")
Polished by Hair Zone Abreeza Mall. Using Orly Dazzel..

*Now I'm thinking of Glittery Gold.. I will post it soon.. (=D)


I'll Find A Way..

In a relationship there's always a test. 
A test on how you workout with your relationship and holding-on to each other. 
I was inspired by this song "I'll Find A Way by Jupiter Fall". 
Specially the part when she said "Even if Angels give up, I'll find a way".... 
This song is for you hubby.. I miss you.. *tear.. ('~')

Video by: Lovablelyrics01 (I'll find a way by: Jupiter Fall)


Halloween Trick or Treat..

Every year, me and my daughter always attending trick or treat at SM, Davao.
This is our 3rd Halloween trick or treat session and this time with my family:

  • Mama Ofel
  • Papa Loloy
  • Dimple (My Sister)
  • Lyn2x (My Sister-In-Law)
  • Blue, Mimi, Shiva & Vishnu (My niece)
  • Samantha (My Daughter)
I invited them para masaya (ang dami namin). Magulo yet fun. =) To give you an idea, here are the photos taken earlier:

Their having fun right?!
They have lots of candies in their goody bag, I also ate them too specially the candy from Mango shop (maasim na masarap). I don't have photo of it isa lang kasi ang nabigay.

To continue, I'm also with my friends (VJDINO-kababatang barkada) but Val & Jullee are not around.

Form left to right: Nyke, Ina, Dimple & Me. Having lunch at Delongtes, near SM, Davao City.

And off-course The Outfit.

Happy Halloween! *wink


Starting Up..

Hi everyone! I'm Carmella from Davao City, Phils. I always wanted to have my own blog site since college and now this is my 1st attempt. I will be posting my events & occasions attended. My hobbies & stress releaver which is.... F-A-S-H-I-O-N form Nail Art, Makeup to Dress Mix'n Match attempts. Hope you will like my blog. Thanks! *wink =)