Nutrition Month

July is known to be Nutrition Month. In schools, they have activities wherein students become aware of the nutritional foods and preparing a balance diet foods consisting of fruits  and vegetables. Students also cook kakanin  like sapin-sapin, butchi-butchi, suman, casava, etc. They also have programs about valuing nutritional foods in our everyday lives. Maybe you are wondering right now why I'm blogging about this. Well, it's part of my post. My Sister made a fruitful/ veggie-licious crown for my lovely daughter's parade in school. I'm a frustrated artist (really?!) hehehe! I like to draw but drawings don't like me (boink!). Okay,okay, I tried but all I can do is drawing human sticks and simple shapes. To give you an idea, here's what my Sister made.

Thanks for the crown Sis! Great job! =)

2012 Theme: "Pagkain ng gulay ugaliin, araw-araw itong ihain!"  It focuses on encouraging Filipinos to increase consumption of vegetables to address micronutrient deficiencies and prevent non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.

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  1. This is so cool . Every country should do this type of healthy activities.
    Your sis is very nice artist. I love the carrot most :D
    Follow each other.

  2. Thanks for dropping by izdiher! =)

  3. Lovely Pictures ,you look cute :)
    i´m a new Follower

    Nice Greetings from Austria xoxo

  4. love ur detachable looks good on u=)

  5. Wow! I like your Hat with fruits and vegetable designs

    1. Thanks for dropping by Jhoanne! My sister did a great job for doing it. (^,^)

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