Mommy Mode 001

Kids now a days grow up so fast. Yesterday she's just a toddler. Today she's already a Kid. Tomorrow, I have a Teenage daughter. Amazing! isn't it? Dati when she was a toddler I told myself, "Sana you grow up na para di na kita buhatin".. Now that she's big, "Sana baby ka pa para mabuhat kita".. Ang gulo! Hehehe! Do you feel the same way too mga mom's out there? 
Recently Sam (my lovely daughter) experienced her 1st communion 
last January 28, 2012 at UIC Bajada Auditorium.

You can tell that she's happy when you look at her face in this photos. Agree?
Well, reaching that level is one of her achievements. 
Mommy's always here to fulfill your dreams baby. I <3 you Sam.. =)

What's you latest achievement with your kids? I would love to hear your stories..
Have a nice weekend!