Owl City

Wearing red sleeveless with sequence owl design. Paired with floral skin tone pants and leather brown animal print detail sandal. This is what I wore last December 25, 2012 during our family reunion at Grandma's house. The year will not end without get together with your relatives where there are lots of delicious food to eat, the traditional giving of gifts and "pailog" (throwing of coins). 

Going back to my outfit on my Mistress nakakastress post, I mentioned that I have to invest on sequence dress for special occasions like holidays. Well here it is! Starting to invest sequence top and this time it's an owl design. My friend and I decided to buy same design but in different color. Thanks to my sister, she picked red. This is perfect for holiday season. I paired it with my one and only floral pants which I really love. It somehow soften my edgy top and make me look girly during our family reunion.

How's your family reunion? I love to read your comments below.

Happy New Year Everybody! (=D)

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  1. Hi Ms. O! Happy happy new year to you!
    I super Love your floral pants!

    Keep posting :) and Oh! I missed you so much


  2. pretty pants!;) care to follow me as well?;) thank you.. www.irajennena.com