Style Origin Fashion Show

Last June 9, 2012 I attended another fashion show event at Abreeza Mall Davao. It was Style Origin Fashion Show participated by almost all branded clothes that you can see inside Abreeza Mall. Before I will share my experience during that day, I would like to thank my colleague Ms. Star Algones for giving me passes to the event (One Big Hug for you!) (=D). So here it is... I came up late during the event, and the show already started. The band was playing and the models started to walk on the ramp. The stage is so big and the ramp is to long which  allows you enough time to take photos of them. During the ramp, my attention was caught by 5 brands. These are Art Work, Penshoppe, WAGW, SOUL and Dorothy Perkins. To give you an idea, here's my shoots during the event.

Art Work
Perfect for lazy day outfit.

Simple yet classy outfit.

Girly outfit.

Classy chic outfit.

Here's Cheyser! One of my fave blogger. =)

Classic feminine outfit. 

For your babies.

And of course here is my outfit during that day. 

Hope you like it! Visit Abreeza Mall Davao

Oh! By the way, here's the song played by the band " Never the Strangers".

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I Love Shoe Sale

Yesterday, June 8 2012 I went to Abreeza Mall Davao to meet  my friends. We ate at Sabaro. I ordered one of my fave chicago white stuffed pizza (yummy!) and had a business chat. When we finished our meal, we decided to take a walk and go window shopping. We went to Isis, Sunny Side Up and July. They have great selection designs that we like especially the floral dresses and hats by Isis. While continue walking we saw Janylin Shoes. To our delight they are on sale. Super affordable from 399php, 599php to 999php. WOW! What an offer! I Love Shoe Sale! =) Knowing Janylin shoes are quite expensive. But to my excitement, I started to put on all the shoes I like and choosing what I want to buy. It was already 15-10mins before closing time so I decided to pick the formal beige closed shoes with animal prints which I believe perfect wear for smart casual occasion. Here's a peek to what I did yesterday.

Janylin Shoes at Abreeza Mall Davao

I love putting them on especially this floral shoes. I do hope still have budget for this. 

Together with my sister and friends (Ina and Nyke)

Here's what I got! Beige closed shoes with animal prints perfect to wear
for smart casual occasion. <3
While walking towards parking area, we saw this photo wall "Style Origin". Abreeza Mall is having a photo contest for all stylista out there. Here's my photo taken by my tsinita friend Ina. For more mechanics visit or like them at


PS: My photos are not so clear. I'm only using my ipad during that day. Hope you still like it..

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Sinangag Express

Looking for 24/7 Express Meal? Here it is! Sinangag Express newly opened last June 1, 2012. It is located at Metro Life Style compound F. Toress St. Davao City. I recommend this place to those who are on the go persons who need to take express meal before going to work or even to passers by travelers. This is just the right place for you.  Here's a quick tour of their place.

The have this cool jeepney near their entrance. 

Cool signs to remind you when your driving.

They also have plate numbers & quotations on the walls.
 I do agree with this  quotation...
"It sure does make the day long  when you get to Work on Time".
Anyways, here's what they serve during the opening. I have fried egg, pork churizo, chicken/pork tocino and one of my favorites daing na isda (bulad/fried fish) then soak it in vinegar. yum! 

Here's their menu and the price is so affordable. Choices from 40-70php
Inside something catches my attention wherein you can see their jeepney like counter.
Here I am eating with Monique & Ms. Kristine who invited us.

The day will not end without imprinting this special event. Canon Marketing Philippines did free photo printing for their guests during that day. 

I'm ending this post with my outfit. By the way, the event was early morning around 8am. It was my VL (Vacation Leave) but I need to wake up early and choose something that I can wear easily. So here's what I got; Floral maxi dress by Issi (gift by Michelle), denim jacket by Bobson & metalic pink slipper. I didn't even bother to bring hand bag during that day. Thank you jacket for having pocket inside. I was able to bring my driver's license, car key, cellphone & money. And of course, my hand cam Canon Ixus 1000HS for the on the go events documentation.

Lesson learned: Next time before leaving the house, make sure you check your cam if there is SD card inside. Good thing I have my colleague (Frenzy) who have extra SD card that I used during that day. 

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