Floral Kicks

Feet help our body stand firm. It also balance our body when we walk, run or hop. But most of the time we abuse it. Last month, I found another collection from Solemate. It's a floral prints sneaker. One Saturday, I decided to wear sneakers instead of sandals while going to a mall. Since I'm living in a tropical country, I wear black short and loose shirt. Thanks to my Sister who let me borrow her souvenir shirt from Dubai. I'm still not convince with my outfit so I add-up another layer and that is my black blazer. Because I have this tribal/ aztec hena tattoo on my right arm made by my brother, I decided to add  silver and rubber bracelet plus tribal earrings accessory to match it up. I also  chose the bird designed bag for my kikay stuff and gadgets.  Here's  what I'm telling you....

What do you think of my look?

My outfit details:
Top: Dubai Shirt from my Sister
Blazer: NCCC Dept. Store
Bottom: VP Bazaar
Shoes: Solemates
Accessories: Tomliz and Gift by Brother

Photograph by: Hubby

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BWB2012: "Think before you click"


It's September 22, 2012 and I'm here at Malagos Garden Resort for Blog Weekend Bootcamp. I've waited for this event to come and excited to learn more about basic blogging. It’s our day two, everybody gathered and ready to listen for seminar. When the speaker starts talking, most of us take down notes and starts asking questions. During the event, each group was given a task to make a short video about what comes first into your mind when you hear the statement “Think before you click”. Everybody was thinking what could be the best answer? Will our answers connect to that statement? These are some questions poped out in our minds during that day. Then we came up to this video.

Be AWARE and RESPONSIBLE of what you click.

A friendly reminder from your co-blogger. 

Have a great day! 

P.S. Event details will be post next week.

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Greenwich Blowout

Greenwich is one of the favorite pizza food chains of Filipinos. And not only that, they also serving pasta, chicken and dessert. Few Davao bloggers were invited last September 14, 2012 to Greenwich Blowout at SM Davao. Even though I'm late during the event, due to work load that needs to be settled before the week ends and heavy traffic built up, the staff and crew of Greenwich were very accommodating. They still let me in and offer their mouth watering Greenwich Special Over Load Pizza and their New Extraordinary Crispy Glazed Chicken which is very affordable for only P79.00/meal (sulit!).  You know what's extraordinary about it? The extraordinary fried chicken is packed with extraordinary goodness with special marinade seeps through each extra large piece which is cooked to an inviting crispiness. Yum-yum-yum! I'm feeling hungry again! Here are the photos taken during the event.

Thank you for the giveaway! It's very useful. =)

Go and check your nearest Greenwich store and 
let your mouth experience its extraordinary crispy and taste!

Click this link (GREENWICH) for your easy menu and contact details.

 Happy Eating! =)


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Learn from the PROS: CANON PhotoSkwela

Last Saturday, September 1, 2012. Canon Marketing Philippines had a free learning session entitled Canon PhotoSkwela at SM Annex Davao City. The guest speakers were Mr. Aly Reyes, Ms. Cheyser Pedregosa together with Mr. Aidx Paredes and Mr. Tonee Despojo. Mr. Aly discussed the basic and everyday photography; Ms. Cheyser (Canon Ixus Brand Ambassador) with her guest speaker Mr. Aidx discussed the blog photography and styling workshop; and advance photography discussed by Mr. Tonee. The event was informative. It adds up and enhances my knowledge on how to take shots using natural light, shadow effect, panning, following the rule of thirds and guidelines on how to use and enhance your blog. Actually,  I was excited to meet Cheyser. She is one of my fave blogger! =)  Thanks to Canon, Sir Kim and Ms. Star for giving me access to meet her.. Here are the photos taken during the event.

Mr. Aly Reyes 

Ms. Cheyser Pedregosa (The Walking Recessionista) 

Mr. Aidx Paredes (Young Blood)

Adix and Cheyser together with my cousin Lea.

Aidx, Aly, Cheyser and Kim 

Mr. Tonee Despojo 

Canon PhotoSkwela. (Like it on Facebook)

Until next PhotoSkwela Canon! (=D)

Here's my outfit details:

Blazer: NCCC Dept. Store
Bag: Mango
Shoes: Solemate
Accessories: Black Rubber at Bomo; Timex watch; 
Silver bracelet at Tomliz 

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