It's been a long time since I blog an outfit post. I've been busy buzzing lately with my work. This time I will set aside it for a bit and jump in to my blog world. Here's my 1st outfit post for 2013. 

I’m wearing red & white stripes peplum top, denim shorts and velvet type flat shoes. I wore this during New Years Eve. Yah! I know it's been 2 month ago already and this post is very late. Blame it to my busy days! Nah! No I don't. I love my job. *smile =) Going back to my outfit post. Inspired by nautical prints or usually known as stripe. I really like stripes. It somehow boosts confident level.

Shades is a must have every time I meet and greet Mr. Sun.
Belt is perfect to make an illusion of separating your upper and lower body. 
It also emphasize your waist.

Relax your feet from heel over weekends. 

What you think of my outfit?

I love to read your comments below.

Happy weekend! =)

Outfit Details
Top: W.A.G.W
Bottom: Bazaar
Shoes: Solemates

Photograph by: Hubby
Tag: W.A.G.W, Nautical outfit, Solemates


  1. Its a blast! you look great! I love the top! I miss you Ms. O! huGS!

  2. You look cute with that outfit ;)

  3. It is such a delight seeing a stylish kababayan! And from Davao?!! Awesome!

    hugs from NY,
    The Boyfriend Project

    1. Thanks for dropping by kababayan! =) Lets follow each other?