Free yourself from Boredom


Top: Bazaar | Short: Bazaar | Shoes: Reebok (gift from hubby)
Shades: Wireplay (Like their FB here)
Hat: It's my brother cap when his in high school
Photographed by: Michael Asotigue

There is a time when boredom hits us.  When it hits you it will make you feel dull or useless. You may sometimes think that you're not worthy to anybody. These feelings will make you emotionally & physically unhealthy. Emotionally when you don't care about what you feel and the feelings of people surrounds you. Physically when you don't mind with what you're wearing and your body weight if it's too skinny or too chubby.  To overcome these, we need to THINK POSITIVELY.  Here are 3 things you must keep in mind when boredom hits you.

1. Think of something that you really wanted to do when you have vacant time. Like cleaning your room, make some DYI projects, discover new place to chill or new food to eat, chitchat with your family, love one & friends. 

2. Listen to your favorite "eargasm" music that will lift up your mood and circulates your blood.  It may sound "bastos" (naught) but don't get me wrong. What I'm trying to say here is when you heard that music your body will move to the beat (pak-pak-pak!).  Thanks to a friend who introduce me to this word. 

3.  Eat Sweets. Yup! You read it right. Eat sweets like chocolate bar, candies, donuts, cakes etc. These will keep your brain functioning at its highest level.  And don't forget to drink a lot of water. It can be a form of smoothies, hot beverage or just purified water that will definitely hydrates your body. Also keep in mind that too much is not good on you (moderate lang).

I hope these tips will help you overcome boredom. "Ang daming pwedeng gawin so wag magHang." You only live once so enjoy life to the fullest and thank God for giving you an opportunity to life.  If you have some suggestions to add up, share it below at the comment box. Who knows, you may help other people who are experiencing boredom right now.

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