Carmex on the go!

Lip balm is a must have! This is what I always say when I was asked what beauty essentials you always bring with you. My lip is my first priority when it comes to beauty essentials. I feel naked when not wearing tint at my lips. This feeling started when I was in college. We all know college is the stage where ladies enhance their beauty rituals. Like me, my lips get dry and chap easily. When your lips are chapped, you will look haggard and we don't want that to happen, right girl?! Good thing lip balm is invented and there is one brand that lessens the roughness of dry lips. 

Carmex Lip Balm

Carmex lip balm is invented by Alfred Woelbring in the USA in early 1930s. It is a formula that keeps your lips soft, moisturize and relive from roughness. They have jar type, tube & click stick container which I like because I can easily put it inside my glam kit (view previous post here). What I love about this lip balm is that it has a menthol effect that heals my dry and chapped lip. It also have SPF 15 that protects lips from the heat of the sun. But wait there's more, Carmex named #1 Top Pharmacist-Recommended Lip Balm for 14 years and the product is not tested on animals.

Carmex lip balm is also available in original, strawberry, cherry, lime twist, vanilla and pomegranate perfect for this coming school season.

For more information about  this cool healing lip balm, visit their web site here, like their facebook here and get updated with their twitter here.


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How I wear my Bunt Cake Skirt?


Dress: Forever 21
Skirt: Gift from a friend (Thanks Maureen Payoyo)
Shoes: Solemates

I'm having a hard time thinking of how I can wear a Bunt Cake type skirt (A.K.A Semi-Circular skirt) without emphasizing my belly. I've been scanning a lot of fashion magazine and searching images at the net looking for the right answer. And finally! I came up with combining two items. The LBD (Little Black Dress) and the Bunt Cake type skirt. 

Bunt Cake Skirt looks like this. But mine is just semi lang.
You're probably thinking "Where's the LBD here?" Actually, I layered the dress with the skirt so you won't see the dress at it is. Just make sure your LBD is a body hug type so your belly will be tighten and must be shorter than the length of the skirt so it won't show up. Like this.

What's good thing about this skirt is it has garter on the waist line so it will hold up and voluntary adjust after a meal.

I hope this simple quick guide will help you.

Leave a comment and let me know how you wear your Bunt Cake Skirt.

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Photograph by: Samantha Ria Cena
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What's inside my glam kit?


Saturday means no work for me. I'm just feeling the vibes of being home buddy this morning. But what I love most during this day is that I can do whatever I want like eating  my breakfast, chatting with my daughter and nephews, watching my fave vlogger on youtube, scrolling networking sites (facebook and twitter), editing photos before posting and constructing blog post without minding what time is it. Too much for a day, right?! Ganyan talaga pagmay trabaho ka during weekdays. You make sulit of your time during weekends. Moving on, to make sulit of my day, I'm going to share with you "What's inside my glam kit?" 

I brought this native glam kit at Pasalubong Center here in Davao City. 
Combination of white & gold native weave material.

 To hide oily face after a long day, I use Pressed Powder #2 Medium shade by BYS.

 The Matte Factor Deep Red lip paint by Miners that stay almost 6hr. on my lips. 
Thanks to my friend Heidi for giving me this. I'm planning to have their Hot & Light Pink shade for day time lip paint.

Lip balm is a must have for me. I have here Carmex Origianl Flavor stick lip balm that helps relief my dry chapped lips. It soothe, moisturize and has menthol effect that heals your chapped lips too. Thanks to Ria Abella Jose and Carmex Philippines for giving stick tube and jar type lip balm.

Carmex  also have different flavors like strawberry, cherry, lime twist, vanilla and pomegranate. What's good thing about this is it has Sunscreen SPF 15 that protects your lips from the heat of the sun. For more good stuff about this cool lip balm, go check and visit their facebook here.

 This one is a capsule type perfume container from Penshoppe. No need to bring your gigantic expensive perfume. Just transfer it to a small container like what I did here. It's handy and easy to carry everyday and during long travels.

Stay fresh breath all day with this cute Astringosol mouthwash container. 
And when I'm feeling dizzy, I have this Five Cranes Menthol. It's a cone type ointment 
that helps relieve headaches.

Thanks to hair pins, clips, elastic bands & metal twister hair holder.
It saves me during bad hair days.

So that's it! That's all inside my glam kit.

What's inside your? Share it  here. 
I love to read your comments.


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Lace Dress


Lace Dress: Thrift Shop
Beaded Shoulder Bag: from Vietnam
Close Shoes: Chelsea

You can never go wrong wearing lace dress fabric during weddings. It definitely gives feminine touch to your outfit.  

You can  also add a little bit of dark color like black, brown, blue, maroon or grey. Just make sure that the color you choose is closer to your main outfit or accessories so you can easily match it. Like what I wore here, I matched the color of my shoulder bag to my shoes for balance combination.

Let me know what you think of my outfit by leaving comments below.

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Photograph by: Hubby
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