Sunday well spent

Hat: Dept.Store

Top: Bazaar

Bottom: F21
Shoes: Solemate
Photographer: RJ Limos

Mr. Edwin Martinez (Canon Crusader of Light) & his amazing work.

Sunday well spend by staying at home. I was able to get enough sleep, late bath, clean my room, watched My Tag Boyfriend by Wattpad at TV5, iCarly w/ Sam, My Boyfriend App at ABS-CBN and ETC. show at TV5. It’s a well spend indeed by doing what I want. Usually during Sunday morning we go to school for Sam’s Computer lesson while I’m doing my work related report while waiting for her to finished the class (which also reminds me to do my report after doing this quick post). Oh well, going direct to my outfit post. This was taken last month during Kadawayan event here in Davao City. My boyfriend and I attended free time lapse photography seminar by Mr. Edwin Martinez (Canon Crusader of Light) and many more. I wore my uneven floral top, black pants, comfy flat shoes and my favorite head piece (fedora hat).  Thanks for the seminar, my boyfriend was able to take good shots of my OOTD during that day (nainspired yata sa mga photographers na andoon) #gustokoyan hehehehe! What do you think of my outfit? Hope you like it!

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