OC-Craft Sunday Music Download


I've been to travel last week for almost 8-9 hours on the road. Then I've realized that I only have 10 songs at my phone (poor me!) paulit-ulit lang until I reached my destination. So today it's Sunday! It's music download for me.
I used Simple MP3 Downloader Pro. I'm into downloading my old school favorite artist like Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne. So here are the top 5 songs that I downloaded per artist. Hope you like it! (^,^)

(photo credit to google search image)

Avril Lavigne
If you feel like reminiscing your highschool life, here are the songs for you.
1. Happy Ending
2. Wish You Were Here
3. Here's to Never Growing Up
4. Complicated
5. Hello Kitty

(photo credit to google search image)
Britney Spears
If you want to shake your butt off or feel like a dance diva, here are the songs for you.
1. Till the World Ends
2. Criminal
3. Work Bitch (I highly recommended for abs workout music) Ipush mo lang teh! Pak!
4. Gimme
5. Womanizer

What music are you into right now? Share it at my comment box below so I can check it out!
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