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Cold Morning Lovelies! It's 6:07 in the morning and I have to get off my bed but I'm still wrap with my blanket to keep me warm during cold weather morning. While checking my blog, I notice my Fashionlista account and saw this cute, stylish and comfy to wear sweaters perfect for cold weather. So I give one heart beat (like) for these outfit.  Hope you like it!  

GIRL POWER!  Pair this sweater with color blue cotton like shorty shorts and your pink fluffy slipper perfect to wear during pajama party with girlfriends.

Love is in the air..  Pair this sweater with black leather skater skirt and chelsea black boots perfect for movie date with your hubby.
Geek Chic. Pair this oh so cute panda sweater with black jeggings and Dr. Martens grey boots perfect for me time at coffee shop. 

Girly... Pair this red floral sweater with white pants and white t-strap sandals perfect for family bonding on Sunday. 

Corporate Chick.. Pair this sweater with black pencil skirt and kitten heel black shoes perfect for business meeting.
Power on! Pair this sweater with black leggings and your running shoes perfect for Saturday morning jog.
Which one is your favorite? Share them at the comment box  below. GTG!


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One step at a time #OOTD #NewYearsResolution


Top: F21
Bottom: Black Sheep
Shoes: Solemate

Hi Lovelies! Before I start sharing my new years resolution, I would like to greet you all a warm HAPPY NEW YEAR! =) It's already 5th week of January but before month-end strikes I would like to share with you my 4 new years resolution for this year.

1. EXERCISE: Galaw-galaw pag may time.  Like jog every Saturday morning and continue doing yoga. Yup!  It's time to take action and eat healthy foods. I'm not getting younger any more and this is the right time to keep my body in shape. If I will not do it now, my sister will be sexier than me. LOL! (Love you Sissy!) 

Goal: Jessy Mendez body (walang papalag)

2. SAVE MONEY: I'm working for almost 8 years from now and I have not save enough money for my future. I admitted that I was a spender and I hate it. I've been reading magazines, books and online journals on how to manage money well. Here are some tips that I would like to try this year:

List down all your expenses. 
Bills for utilities, credit card, cellular phones, food & personal expenses like entertainment, shopping, clothes.

Cut down your expenses.
Before buying new item that your eyeing for, think twice, trice or many times if you really need that item before buying it. Or why not clean your closet monthly so you can check if you already have that kind of item inside your closet. By doing this you are able to save money and do some mix & match combination outfit. Just be creative!

Keep a journal.
For you to tack some of your expenses and will able to know the difference between luxuries and necessities. But don't forget to reward yourself once a month. You deserved that hard work Lovelies.

Goal: 30-50,000 in a year

3. WORK HARD AND PLAY HARDER: Push lang ng push! Never give up! If somebody's pulling you down, use it as a motivation to work harder. Drama Queen no more Lovelies!

Goal: Hit my budget 100%

4. DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF: Every problem has a solution. Wag magpanic at wag magstrong. Stress kill brain cells, so relax and take a deep breath. Meditate for about 5 mins. regularly. Drink more water and take a long nap.  Keep calm and carry on! 

Goal: Appreciate every details that will encounter and learn from it.

I hope these will help me to become a better person. You too Lovelies can try these!  =) I would also like to thank all of you for unending reading my blog post. You always inspire me.  But before I end, here is a motivation quote for you:


What's your resolution for this year? Leave a comment below. I love to read your stories.

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