Top 5 Undies Inside Your Closet

Have you experience wearing wrong undies under tight dress? Or wearing g-string under your flowing skirt? Well I experienced these scenario and end up wearing uncomfortable clothes. So I decided to upgrade my undies and saw these gorgeous selection of undergarments at ZALORA. So here are Top 5 undies that every girl must have inside their closet. 

1. Bikini

Low-rise bikini is the most popular undies. It is comfortable and easy to wear where it fits under your jeans, short pants, skirt and dress.
 2. Seamless

When wearing bandage type of skirt, dress or pants, seamless undies is your best friend. It creates an illusion of a perfect butt. It's like not wearing undies at all.
 3. Boy Short

If your a conservative kind of girl, boy short is your buddy. This is perfect when wearing flowy skirt or dress. Just make sure it fits you very well so you wont end up seeing saggy undies when the wind blows.

4. High Cut

 If you want to hide your chubby tummy, high cut undies is what you need. It may look oldies but this undies will really support your stomach specially when wearing tight dress. Just don't wear this under your low waist pant.
5. Thong

If you want to feel sexy, sassy and flirty, G-string or thong undies is what you need. It can be in form of lace or animal prints. Like seamless undies this is also perfect for body hugging dress, short and skirt.

What's your favorite undies?

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  1. The low rise and seamless undies are my favorite. The latter mostly because I like wearing dresses and bodycon dresses a lot :) They combine the right amount of comfort and sexiness to them :)