How to Make Snowman Christmas Craft using Toilet Paper Roll?



Tissue paper roll
Color Paper
Bond Paper


Step 1: Cut the bond paper according to the size of tissue paper roll.

Step 2: Stick the bond paper to the tissue paper roll using the glue.

Step 3: Get two color paper (depending on what color you like)
The 1st cut is for Snowman’s scarft.
The 2nd cut is for Snowman’s bonnet.
The 3rd cut is for Snowman’s Nose 
(I suggest you use color orange for Snowman’s nose).

Step 4: Stick Snowman’s scarf at the middle of the tissue paper roll 
(make sure to stick the edge of the scarf inside the main scarf before closing it). 

Step 5: Draw three circles using your pen below the scarf to come up with Snowman’s buttons. Follow by Snowman’s eyes and mouth.

Step 6: Stick Snowman’s nose at the middle upper part of his mouth.

Step 7: Stick Snowman’s bonnet at the upper part of his eyes.

And there you have it, Snowman’s Christmas Craft!
You can decorate this on your table center piece or hang it in your Christmas tree.

Hope you like my DIY tutorial for this week!

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