What to consider when having a party? + DIY: Snowflakes


It’s 54 days before Christmas and it is the time for throwing a corporate party, family and friend reunion.  As of today we are looking for a venue, planning the program flow and thinking of a theme. So here are some tips on what to consider when having a party.

1.       VENUE
-          How many are your invites? Make sure to list down first if how many attendees you have.
-          Where is the location? Make sure the location is accessible to all participants.
-          How big is the function room? Take ocular visit before booking the area.
-          Do they have parking space?
-          Is there food mouth-watering? Make sure to request food tasting so you will know what food to order for the event.
2.       THEME
-          Make sure your theme fits the occasion. For this coming Christmas you can go with the theme of “Santa and Friends, Polka dots, Sparkling or Frozen Party”.  Among these four, I choose Frozen Party where you can design your stage with lots of snowflakes cut outs. Here’s how to do it.

-          Pick a good and cheerful emcee.
-          Download a party play list.
-          List down at least three games like Trivia (Christmas history, Christmas song, Movie or Logo trivia) Workshop (Dress up like a Santa, Decorate a Christmas tree, Sing and Dance contest) and Exchange gifts for Manito and Manita.
But these three steps are nothing without sending your invites with a unique Invitation. Checkout Paper Less it's an online platform that provides paperless and paper invitations. They also have lots of design selections depending on your occasion theme and you can customize it too. 

So check it out and start planning your party now!

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OC-Craft Food Trip Sunday: TunAmazing Palovince The Pakfry King


It’s Sunday once again and it’s time for family bonding and discovering new food. We all knew that there are lots of restaurant here in Davao City but this restaurant serves one of a kind Tunamazing Pakfry experience. Check out Palovince Pakfry King, it is located beside Conception Carrier Airconditioning Co. Dacudao Ave. Poblacion District, Davao City. Pakfry is one of their specialty. It is from the work Paksiw and Fry (Paksiw + Fry = Pakfry). Now imagine yourself eating hot paksiw but cook in deep fry. Very unique diba?!

They also have Bulalo, Crispy Pata, Kinilaw, Fried Lumpia, Ensaladang Talong, Pork Sizzig and many to mention.  And the best part is they serve unlimited rice.  Weeeeeee!!! Let’s admit it, we all like unli-rice especially when a sumptuous food served in your table. But be mindful with Panatang Makapalay, Okay? *wink! 

Crispy Pata

Fried Lumpia
Ensaladang Talong

Busy taking photos here w/ Davao Mommy Bloggers Ana & Lovely. 
Together w/ Davao Bloggers Society. (^,^)
Thanks to Glen, Mrs. Sato and Kids. 

For reservation visit Palovince Pakfry King now and like there Facebook page here!

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How to Accessorize Spooktacular Callbox Insomnia Party?


Four days to go and we are all excited to party with Callbox Insomnia, A “Spooktacular” Music Festival. This pre-halloween rave party will be happening on October 24, 2015 (Saturday) at Lanang Business Park, Lanang, Davao City. There will be performers on stage like dancers, models in laser light costumes, and local party DJ’s from Davao City and Jet Boado, one of the best DJ’s in Manila. What a way to start sembreak right?! But before that, here are some tips on how to accessorize Spooktacular Callbox Insomia Party.

  • Paint your nails with Neon Polish. Hand gesture is the second thing I notices when somebody introduced me to another person (first: face). So make sure to brighten up your nails Lovelies so you will easily get noticed. *wink! I combine these to color Neon Yellow and Empress from Kath-Queen collection by Chick Nail Color for only 30.75php.

  • Wear Long Lasting Lipstick (LLL). According to my Uncle Goolge, Insomia is a sleeping disorder which there is an inability to fall asleep. And when you have that kind of disorder, you will definitely look dull. So make sure to wear long lasting lipstick like these two lip color #550 Play with Fire and #310 Little Minx by Rimmel London. It has intense color with lock and shine for a long lasting effect. So whenever you dance, drink and party all night, you will still look fresh and seductive. Thanks for these Kristine. (^,^)

  • Let it Glow. Add some fun by wearing glow stick bracelet or glow in the dark body paint. You can buy 1 tube (50 pcs.) glow stick at Chinatown for only 80php. Great deal right?!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and call the Callbox Davao office at (082) 224-2035 or (0932)2657152 & (0916)8623789). Tickets are available at P350 General Admission (with 1 cocktail drink from Bacardi) and P500 VIP (with 2 cocktail drinks from Bacardi plus LED Foam Stick). You want some free tickets? Join Clea Banal's giveaway here!

Callbox Inc. is a multinational marketing firm that offers lead generation, online and multi-media marketing services across US, Australia, and Asia-Pacific countries founded in 2004. Everyone is invited to party in Callbox Insomnia. 

So Lovelies, how will you accessorize for Callbox Insomia party? 

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Are you a victim of a brow crime?


Are you a victim of a brow crime? Take a look at these brows and identify the culprits. If it looks similar to yours then you are a victim of a brow crime. But girls, worry no more! Last September 17, 2015 Abreeza fashion forum and Browhaus Manila shares about eyebrow trend and grooming basic. With the help of Ms. Nicole Romero, who maintain the beauty blog beautyandsparkle.com . She also an editor-in-chief of skinmatters.com.ph and has served as beauty editor for magazine such as Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health. Ok! and Candy. Nicole presented a brief history of brow evolution followed by a roundup of recent brow trends seen on the runway, and then researched into the basics of brow grooming, from how to fill in brows correctly and why guys should also groom their brows. She also share ways on how to have on fleek brows.

  1. Follow your natural shape.
  2. Balance your brow and eye makeup.
  3. Define, but not heavy.
  4. Remember that brows are sisters and not twins.
  5. Don’t overtweeze.

Thanks to Browhaus Managing Director Ms. Tab Abad and PR & Marketing Manager Ms. Monique Jamlang for introducing the Browhaus Manila. The Brow Salon is a one-stop brow and lash grooming salon built for the image-conscious urbanite who demands not just function, but function and style. With branches in Singapore, New York, London, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Jakarta, and Manila, Browhaus has also made its way to Davao via a salon at Abreeza Mall’s Third Floor Expansion Wing.

If you dyed your hair and planning to color your eyebrows too, make sure to pick two shades darker than you hair color so it will look naturally. Or check out Browhaus Salon and have it done by their Color Tweak at P998. They will adjusts the color of your brows to your preference, using vegetable dye for 100% safety and maximum comfort. It only takes 10-15 minutes to alter your appearance. Lighter brows have a softening effect while darker brows sharpen features and add definition. Your brows will also be more in sync with newly dyed hair.

Photo credit to Abreeza Fashion Forum
Photo credit to Abreeza Fashion Forum

Photo credit to Abreeza Fashion Forum
#LGRP united at Abreeza Fashion Forum. Photo credit to Jexx and Miel. (^,^)
The Fashion Forum is a monthly convergence of fashion and lifestyle press, bloggers, designers, insiders, students, and enthusiasts that serves as a platform for the discussion and promotion of notable trends, projects, personalities, brands, ideas, and more. Through the Fashion Forum, Abreeza Mall hopes to nurture and spread a stronger style consciousness in Davao City with the support and collaboration of industry professionals, members of the media, and local fashion fans.

For inquiries and updates on Abreeza Mall news and events, please visit the Main Concierge at the ground floor or call (082) 321-9332. Stay updated by liking www.facebook.com/AbreezaMall and following @abreezatweets on Twitter and @iloveabreezamall on Instagram.

So Lovelies, don't fall a victim of the brow crime!

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