OC-Craft Fashion Trend 2017: Off Shoulders


It’s the second week of the year and I’m still making plans on how to achieve my goals. Aside from that I’m also thinking, what are the possible fashion trends that I’m going to share with you this year. According to bespreng YouTube, there will be lots of fashion trend for 2017 and one of it is the Off Shoulders. It can be in a form of top or dress with raffles or in lace details. Actually it’s a trend last year and it will definitely still be on trend this year. 

Off shoulders tops will make you look instant girly and at the same time sexy. What I also like about this, it’s perfect when you’re wearing a simple outfit yet you what to get notice by just showing of your shoulders. Good this I still keep mine. I’m planning to add at least 2-3 more style pa maybe in floral bold prints for summer, the other one is with a sweetheart shape design and a black dress for format attire, but for a meanwhile here are my off shoulders collection that you will be seeing me wearing this year.

Off shoulders with long cover-up raffle can be used  in semi formal or casual events | 2 for 180php - Bazaar

You can never go wrong wearing a Stripes off shoulders | 25php - Thrift shop

Cutout shoulder in micro stripes prints for meg conservative look | 90php - Bazaar

 Semi-dress with raffles details at the sleeves can be pair with short pants or a leggings | 25php - Thrift shop

What's your favorite off shoulders?
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  1. I never thought off-shoulder will continue its trend till 2017, LOL! love all your off-shoulder collections ^^