4 Ways to jazz up your bag


Hi Lovelies! I hope you’re doing well. It’s been two months already since we are all under community quarantine. It creates different emotions such as anxiety and depression but on the lighter side this pandemic teaches us how to be brave and have patience. Brave enough to find ways to protect ourselves and our family from being sick through staying at home, eating healthy food, taking vitamins regularly, doing indoor exercises and meditation; and patience enough to stay calm in this situation and making ways to divert our attention to be productive while staying at home.

Reading books, watching movies, attending free online seminars and cleaning the house are just few of the things I’m doing during this quarantine. I’m a type of person who needs to be occupied in order for me to stop overthinking. Ducluttering is one of the activities I did. I decluttered my clothes, shoes and bags. While decluttering I saw this neutral color saddle bag. I usually used this when I carry few items like mobile phone, small wallet, pocket tissue, mini alcohol spray, small liniment, lozenges and a pen. But then I noticed that the gold buckle of my bag becomes rusty.

Right now I’m reading an online book of “The life-changing magic of tidying (the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing)” by Marie Kondo and one thing that struck me the most was “If the item sparks joy, keep it” which I agree and according to my experienced “If you don’t have extra money to buy new one, you have to fixed it! Always remember that sustainability is the new trend and minimalist is the new norm”. If you have same concern as mine, here are some ways you can do to jazz up your old bag.


You can buy metal polish at hardware shops or department stores. You just need a dry cloth, spray a small amount of metal polish in the dry cloth then wipe it on the rusty portion or all over the metal. Leave it for at least five minutes then rub it with dry cloth. Metal polish price range from P190-P285 depends on the brand.


Buy a gold and clear nail polishes at department stores near cosmetic sections. Brush the gold nail polish first at the rusty or discoloring portion of the metal buckle. You can also spread it all over the buckle it you like. Let it dry for at least five minutes then apply the clear polish for glossy finishing touch. Nail polish price range from P25-P400 depends on the brand.


You can buy diamond sequin accessories at tailor shops, craft shops or department stores near textile area. It can be in the form of diamond, beads or pearls. They have sticker type which you can easily install and design. You can also use glue stick or strong adhesive to stick the sequin on the buckle. Just be creative. *wink! 3x Sequin price range from P10-P50 depends on the size and quantity.


Aside from those three items you can also use fabric patch. I bought this patch at gadget store to accessorize my mobile phone but sad to say I haven’t installed it. Since its sticker type, I end up putting it on the buckle to cover-up the rusty/discoloring part. 

Here is the fabric patch/ skins for gadget.

I make 4 horizontal lines for the four sides of the buckle then cut it. Make sure to leave some space so the sticker will reach at the bad side of the buckle. 

Peel off the back side of the sticker and stick the fabric into the buckle. Repeat it on the four side.

Tada! It looks good and classy! Fabric patch price range from P50-P200 depends on the size and design.

So there you have it Lovelies! I hope this information helps you. 
And remember if you don’t have extra money to buy new one, just fixed it!

Thanks for dropping by Lovelies! Until my next post!

Stay at home and be healthy always!

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