What's inside my 2023 Planner


Planner makes my daily life organized. From planning projects to scheduling errands and keeping track of expenses. It is a really useful and helpful tool in my everyday routine. 

Last year I used the 365 days planner. It's an undated planner with minimal designs and it is smaller than an A5 size notebook. This year I challenge myself to use a blank sketchbook as a planner and this is the layout I made. 

Yearly Plan 

My three goals for this year are listed here. Journaling in a planner, writing blog posts, making video blogs, and doing business planning. This layout is appealing to me. It's easy to monitor plans each month.

Monthly Calendar 

I start making plans for my errands here. I enjoy adding little stickers and doodling on them.

Affirmation Page 

As part of my morning routine, I always listen to affirmation videos on YouTube and one of my favorites is the Ten most powerful affirmations of all time by Bob Baker which I listed on this page.

Vision Board 

On this page, I will put an image of my major goals and the things I wanted to have this year. This will be the source of my motivation.


I have many goals in life and most of the time it's overwhelming. So on this page, I decided to break down my goals into three categories; personal, creative, and career.


This is one of my favorite pages in this planner. This is where I put all the things I wanted to have. This page is also helpful especially when I have extra money and don't know how to spend it. I just flip on this page and review the list.

Health tracker 

Health is wealth that is why I decided to make this page for monitoring my monthly period, weight, and Obgyn check.

Birthday Log 

I'm not good at memorizing special occasions except for my husband's and my kid's birthday that is why I created this page so I can easily glance at other special occasions and go the extra mile to greet them on their special day.

Campaign Monitoring 

I consider myself a blogger, a vlogger, a content creator, and an influencer which is why I created this page to list down all partnerships and collaborations that I will have this year. Manifesting to have at least one collab per month.

Exercise Tracker 

This page is challenging for me. I'm not consistent in exercising but if I remember and have a vacant schedule, I make sure I move my body.

Monthly Expenses Tracker 

This is where I put all my expenses per month. This includes utilities, shopping, food, education, services, charity, and savings. With this page, I can easily view where I spend much and cut it off. By the way, I created this layout, if you like to have this just send me an email or direct message me on one of my social media accounts. 

Importante page 

In the digital age, there are so many user IDs and passwords to remember. For me to remember it, I jot it down on this page so when I forget it I can quickly view it here.

Savings Tracker 

This page is one of my yearly goals. I wanted to save money to have an extra on rainy days. This page will help me track where I need to fill in my savings gap. 

Bills Tracker 

Aside from the monthly expenses tracker I also have a bill tracker. This is where I can quickly track if I miss paying my responsibilities. 

Social Media Monitoring 

Seeing growing numbers is kinda fulfilling that is why this page helps me monitor my social media followers.

Sales Growth Monitoring 

Sales monitoring is one of the important things an entrepreneur does. It's a way to see if the business is performing well or not. By this, I will be able to think of strategies to help increase sales.

You can also check my vlog on how I set up this planner.

There you have it, Lovelies. I hope this blog will inspire you to make a planner.

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