How to make Snowman Christmas Gift Wrapper



With the holidays quickly approaching, there’s no better way to personalize your gifts than to make festive wraps. We’ll discuss the fun of creating snowman Christmas wrappers in this do-it-yourself tutorial. They’re a quirky and original way to wrap gifts and spread holiday cheer. Let’s start with this enjoyable and simple craft that blends the warmth of giving gifts with the wonder of snowmen.



Empty cereal box

White bond papers

White crepe paper

Black color paper

Orange color paper

Red ribbon


Double-sided tape






Step 1: Get 2 white bond paper and stick it to the front and back of the empty box cereal.

Step 2: Trim the extra paper around it.

Step 3: Get the white crepe paper, a ruler, and a pencil. Use the ruler to measure 1 inch at the crepe paper then cut it.

Step 4: After cutting the crepe paper into an inch, re-cut each like a ruffled crepe paper.

Step 5: Get the empty cereal box, glue, and the ruffled crepe paper and start sticking it all over the cereal box.

Step 6: Get the black color paper, pencil, a one-peso coin, and twenty-five centavo coins and start making a circle using the coins as your guide. The two big circles are the eyes and the two small circles are the buttons.

Step 7: Get the orange color paper and the scissors then cut a long triangle shape that will serve as the nose of the snowman.

Step 8:  To make a snowman’s mouth, cut the big circle in half.

Step 9: Start sticking the eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons in their places.

Step 10: Get the red ribbon and stick it between the mouth and button of the snowman. Use the double-sided tape to stick the ribbon on the crepe paper.


And there you have it. You can now put the present inside the Snowman Christmas Gift Wrapper.

This DIY project is family-friendly, making it an excellent activity to involve children. Let them create their snowmen and share in the joy of gift-giving.

Kids like the activity.

She loves my gift.

Let’s embrace the spirit of the season by infusing gifts with creativity and warmth. The Snowman Christmas gift wrapper adds a personal touch to the presents and makes the act of giving more special.


Snowman made it to Davao Blogger's Year-ender Party.

Advance Merry Christmas, everybody!


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