DIY Project: Leather Bracelet

Hi everybody! Today is April 7 in the Philippines and I’m going to be crafty this Saturday. Since leather bracelet is kinda in this summer, I was thinking to make my own color combination. So without a further ado here’s my 1st DIY project to share with you.

1pc         Red Leather Cord
1pc         Rusty Orange Leather Cord
1pc         Brown Braid Leather Cord
1pc         Yellow Braid Leather Cord
*I choose earth colors witch you can buy at Craft shop. They are also selling 1 meter per pack (sulit na!).
4pair      Metal Leather Connector
2pcs       Ring Connector
1pc         Locker
Pliers (Long Nose)
*I user 2 pliers to hold the small piece

1st           Measure 1 cord to your arm and cut (make sure it’s 2-3 inches lower form your wrist)
Grab all the cords and cut it using the 1st cord as your basis.
2nd          Pair 2 different cords (what I did was pairing Y: O / Y: B/ R: Y / R: B)
3rd           After pairing, get the 1 pair metal leather connector. Put the end of the leather inside theconnector whole and close it using the pliers (do the same thing at the other end).
4th         After connecting the metal leather connector to the leather cord, get the ring connector, hookall the cords and close it (do the same thing at the other end).  
5th           After hooking all the cords form end to end, get the locker and connect it form the ring

Tadaaaah! There you have it! Your own Leather Bracelet.

Tell me what you think? I can’t wait to see yours too.  
Enjoy your holiday! 


  1. while i was scrolling down, the photos here caught my eye ! haha

    love the leather bracelet <3
    i used to make kidada wrap inspired bracelet with materials from craft shop :)

    1. Thanks April! I love kidada wrap bracelet too.. Maybe you can make one for me.. (=>)

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  3. oh i'm so in love with this! you're so creative. you can sell those :)

    stephanie chu from confessions of a glitterati

  4. Thanks Fabrizia! Followed you already. Hope you do the same.. =)

  5. I love the color combination! Autumn colors in the summer? Haha, not a bad idea. I'm a big fan of the Craft Shop and well...crafts in general. So please consider dropping by my blog! :D


    1. Thanks for dropping by Nicole! Hope you visit me often. I will share more craft ideas soon.. I will check your blog too.. Let's follow each other? =)