Birthday Wish List

My birthday is coming 10 days from now and I'm wondering what I want for my birthday? Well, well, well! I'm eyeing on this staff and I told myself to buy these someday. Here are my Birthday wish list for this year..


The name "FASHIONARY" comes from "Fashion + Dictionary + Diary". The sketchbook is combined with intensive fashion information and blended figure templates. It is the perfect tool for brainstorming, fast sketching and quick referencing.
You can also check this link for more reference 

2. Colorfull BLAZER from W.A.G.W. & SOUL Lifestyle

I love blazers. These are perfect for my corporate outfit. 
Check out their site for more photos (I'm pretty sure you will love them too!)

3. Camera Tripod

Perfect for my mini studio. *wink!

4. 1 Tb External Drive

For my photo and document library.

5. iphone 4s or Blackberry will do

Libre lang ang mangarap! 

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WD 1Tb external drive, iphone 4S, blackberry phone


  1. I love colored blazers as well! I have a pale pink one that transitions perfectly from my internship to going out to eat, etc! Thank you for your sweet comment on my outfit post ~ I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest if you get a sec :)


    1. Your welcome Jacy. I just brought myself pink one yesterday at W.A.G.W. *whispering (It's my birthday present for myself already.. hehehehe!) *wink!

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet!!! Great list!! I love the blazers!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥