Pink Leopard


Is there a Pink Leopard? I've checked the net but haven't seen one photo except for textile prints & accessories. The Leopard is a member of a cat family. Their coat has a background color of pale, cream-yellow underside that darkens slightly to an orange-brown on its back. A solid black spots adorn its limbs and head, smaller and denser than the golden, umber-centered rosettes that cover its back and side.

So I guess there's no any Pink Leopard existing at all. But for fashion industry, there is! And it's  perfect for corporate outfits. Allow me to represent my Pink Leopard. I paired it with  black leggings to put more emphasis on the prints. I also put-on one of my fave cover up to look corporate. And of course don't forget the neck accessory to look edgy since Leopard are known to be strong and fearless. 

What do you think of my outfit?

Top: Pink Leopard gift from colleague last Christmas (Monique L.)
Cover-up: Thrift from a friends garage sale
Bottom: Black Leggings (Guo)
Shoes: MYX
Accessories: Tomliz 


  1. I love ur looks good on u!=)

  2. Thanks for dropping by and following me Olga! I'm going to check yours too.. =)

  3. Oh wow! You are soooooo beautiful! Chic! :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Anna! followed your blog and twitter.. =)

  4. love your top! even though it's leopard print, it doesn't look tacky :D

  5. super nice fringe necklace!
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