My Solemates

Soulmate is someone who makes you feel complete (this meaning refers to a person). But when I saw this pair of shoes in SM Department store I did not hesitate to buy it (parang soulmates agad kaso bagay nga lang) which the brand speaks for is self "Solemate". These are perfect for my ordinary days outfit. There are lots of floral designs and plain colors. Flat shoes is a must have for every girls closet. I can't wait to add more design! =) It is very useful too especially when your on the go. So here are my choices: 

Floral Doll Shoes 
Denim Shoes 

What's your "Solemate" choice? *wink! =)

tag: flat shoes, floral shoes, denim shoes, Solemate, SM Department Store


  1. i love solamte's design... too bad that my feet are way too big for a pair. :(

    ♥ Maria

    1. Hi Maria! I saw big sizes at SM dept. store here in Davao near sandals section. They have size 8-9 there. =)
      Thanks for dropping by.. Lets follow each other?