Birthday Bash

August is one of my fave month of the year. You know why???  It is because of so many celebrations and happenings during this month. As to birthdays, my brother on the 23rd, sister on the 25th and my kababata (Nyke) on the 19th and there are many to mention pa. And oh! Our most awaited  King of all the Festivals, our Kadayawan sa Davao on Aug 17-19 wherein lots tourists and celebrities are coming here to witness and celebrate this event. Another thing that made this month perfect is our extended week-end due to the end of Ramadan on the 20th, EDSA Celebration on 21st and National Hero's Day on the 27th. AND MOST ESPECIALLY one thing I like most is when I celebrated My Birthday last Aug. 8. As far as I remember, last year I celebrated it wearing birthday hat and a cake eye wear.

2011 Birthday Celebration @ Office (My hair is short!)
 And now I'm at the age where they say "still at the bracket of late twenties", I celebrated it having a theme of "Victorian Party" with my colleagues. 

I also celebrated it with my family at home due to strong rain & heavy traffic last Aug.7, 2012.

Thanks everyone for making my day special. Till next year!

Here's music video by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen "Good Time"


PS: Remember the Birthday wish list I post 10 days before my day? 
Well I'm going to post what I receive this week. Till next post..

Special  thanks to my Sister (Dimple) who brought  my  head dress & 
my Mama (Ofel) for the delicious spaghetti . (panalo sa panglasa!)  =)

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    1. Hi Gabrielle! Saw you post visit here in Davao (The Peak). Hope you had fun! =)