Do you remember about my birthday wish list posted 10 days before my birthday? For those who missed it you can click this "Birthday Wish List". I'm happy to share with you that out of my five birthday wish list, I got three. Not bad right? Well, I'm excited to share with you what I bought myself  and what I received from special some one as  birthday present. I will not hold you any longer. Here's what I bought for myself:

Pink Blazer from W.A.G.W. 
(addition collection for my corporate outfit)

Here is Hubby's gift: Enovation Tripod
(perfect for my mini studio)

Thank you Babe! <3 
Next time remote shooting naman tapos 50mm na Canon lens or 
studio flash pwede na din. Hehehehe! Love you! =)

And one more thing, the least that I expect to received is the wish list #5 which is the iphone 4s or the BB phone. But God is good! He answered my prayers! After waiting for 3-4 months upgrade plan and availability of the phone. He set it up for my special day. I have my loyalty phone BB! Weeeeeee!  (=D)

Oh! to bad Fashionary is not available at National Book Stores in Davao. Maybe I have to order it online. For 1TB External Drive, I think I still need to save some more and make it as my next project.  

Till next wish list! 

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  1. aw that is so awesome that you got so many things you wanted!


  2. pretty blazer :)

  3. Hi Carmella! I like your blazer, I will look it up at WAGW if I can get some :)

    btw, just followed your blog. Thanks for the comment. Hope to see you there again soon!

    Fash Chronicles

    1. Hi Abigail! Thanks for following.. I'll check your blog too.. =)

  4. Hi Ms. Carmella,

    I found your post that featured the Enovation tripod as gift from your husband. I am currently looking for one and might consider this brand. Do you still have the specs/info of this tripod (i.e., model code, size - measurement when expanded, folded, etc.).

    Thank you in advance! :)