Trick or Treat


Trick or Treat!!!!  This is  one of the most awaited events on Malls by the children. They are excited to roam around  asking for candies to the establishments who are also have fun waiting for the kids. Kids love to wear their favorite super hero, anime, animals and of course monster costume.  For this year's event, my childhood friends and I decided to play animal costume for our kids . So here are the few shots I took during that day.

Butterfly Princess 
Little Devil

White Lady

Cat Woman
Little Ms. Piggy
Baby Caterpillar, His Mommy Fairy and the Busy Bee

And of course, Moms excited to collect candies too! (=D)

To match up the event and my daughter's costume,here's what I wore.

I'm The Mommy Cat Woman / Leopardess
I wore animal print on top covered with yellow vest for highlights. Since my animal print top is too short, I decided to wear black top underneath so it can cover my upper body. I also paired it with black leggings so I can wear my high boots. And don't forget the mask, to hide my identity when I'm on duty. 

Hope you like my post! =)

What did you wear during trick or treat? I love to read your comments below.



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    1. Sure! I love meeting new friends with same interest. =)

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  6. Aww all of the halloween costumes are so fun and creative! :D

  7. Omg these photos are adorable - I love all your costumes xx~

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  8. Great photos!! Wanna follow each other? :)

  9. that little girl dressed up like angel is really cute! her costume is my favorite i think :)