Where's Paris?

Do you love Sabado (Saturday)? Me, I do! Yup! Super love.. 
Why? Because of a loooong sleep, late to wake up in the morning, complete breakfast meal, 
no pressure of taking a bath (yah! taking a bath in the morning for me is pressure) 
and I can fix myself whatever I wanted to.

Here's my outfit of the day.. "Paris with LOVE".. 

Playing with loose strips shirt, red shorts & doll shoes..
Where's Paris anyway?? 
I think I need a hat & paint brush pang Paris na ang beauty! hehehe! (=P)

Photograph by: Samantha C.
Accessories: Barb wire & black cord bracelet (BOMO Gift and Souvenir Shoppe, Co.), 
Paris necklace (DCLA)

What you think of my outfit? 


Mommy Mode 001

Kids now a days grow up so fast. Yesterday she's just a toddler. Today she's already a Kid. Tomorrow, I have a Teenage daughter. Amazing! isn't it? Dati when she was a toddler I told myself, "Sana you grow up na para di na kita buhatin".. Now that she's big, "Sana baby ka pa para mabuhat kita".. Ang gulo! Hehehe! Do you feel the same way too mga mom's out there? 
Recently Sam (my lovely daughter) experienced her 1st communion 
last January 28, 2012 at UIC Bajada Auditorium.

You can tell that she's happy when you look at her face in this photos. Agree?
Well, reaching that level is one of her achievements. 
Mommy's always here to fulfill your dreams baby. I <3 you Sam.. =)

What's you latest achievement with your kids? I would love to hear your stories..
Have a nice weekend! 


Love Song + Memorabilia = Heart's Day!

Heart month is here and this is the time when two lovers celebrating love and affection between intimate companions. This is the day when lovers express their love for each other by giving flowers, chocolates and sending love letters.
Heart is also symbolized Valentines and Cupids use as a bridge for meeting two lovers.
This is also the time when all radio stations hit their love song play list.
Does your heart melts whenever you heard love songs?
David Pomeranz is one of the best singer/songwriter who serenades us during this month.One of his all time hits play list during prom night is "King and Queen of Hearts". <3But there this guy name Alejandro Manzano from Boyce Avenue who's I'm listening this month and he is known for revival song in acoustic way. He sings well that I could understand the lyrics clearly. Here is one for you this Valentine’s Day.
Hope you like it.. =)

 A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton (Boyce Avenue feat. Alex Goot acustic cover)
*Video source form You Tube & article researched from Wikipedia*

"It's always times like these when I think of you and I wonder if you ever think of me..."
Think-Think-Think... Memories still remains specially when you kept your 
memorabilia from your special some one..

These are some of his notes for me and there's still a lot of it that I can't find. 
Cheese right?! hehehe! (=P)
What's your memorabilia from your special some one?

Advance Happy Heart's Day Hubby! *mwah!