What's in store for 2013?


Hi everybody! It's been a long time since I post on blog. I've been busy lately working on reports at work since it's 1st month of the year. it's usually reporting achievements of last year and strategic planning for this year. But this time I will set aside my work mode and jump to my blog world. To start my year right, I'm going to share with you what's in store for my 2013. 

1. Organize my accessories. Placing it in one container or area for easy access.

Bracelet organizer.
Necklace organizer.
Earrings organizer. 
Watch organizer.
Pouch organizer.
Shades organizer.
Belt organizer.
2. Dispose necessary papers on my working table. I'm a person who file papers like bills, brochures and memorabilia's.  I'm fun of keeping memories but due to works load, I was not able to file it. Papers gets brittle and old.

We don't like this, Right?
3. Sort my cloths. I admit, my cabinet is always a mess. Most of the time I was having a hard time looking for one piece to complete my outfit. Sorting is one of the great solution or having a walk in closet will do but for now I'll be more practical. I will sort it by season from summer to winter; sporty to formal and girly to edgy type. Yup! you hear it right! Although Philippines is one of the tropical place but with today's climate I think I have to prepare minimal winter cloths like sweaters or long sleeve top to keep me warm.   
Can't find things easily.
By doing these things it some how release negative vibes and open the door for good vibes. Cleaning is one way of distressing. So for this year first quarter I'm going to clear my staffs.

Hope this simple tips will help you too. What's your cleaning tips for this year? 
I love to read comments. Share it here! =)

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