Remembering the Wall

During our younger days, we all have group of friends that we cherished and one of them is our neighborhood. I'm not referring to Spider man who's known as "our friendly neighborhood" but I'm referring to "Kababata Friends/ Childhood Friends". I remember when you have group, the first thing you do is to think of a group's name and this wall reminds me of it. 

VJ DINO stands for first initial letter of our names (Val, Jullee, Dimple, Ina, Nyke and Olive). In order for us to remember our group, we imprinted it at the wall of our neighborhood. Good thing they did not punished us for doing it in their property. I remember we use to meet up at Val's house in the afternoon just to eat dukot rice and bulad. We also collect our neighbor's news papers, sell it at junk shop and treat our selves at the mall. We also did camping at Val's back yard para camping-camping ang peg but we still end up sleeping at their living room for the reason that I forgot already because it's almost 24 years ago and there are lots of thing that happened already. These are just few memories that I remember when I saw this wall. 

Moving on, before I end here is my outfit post using one of my favorite Aztec top from Forever 21. If you follow my previews post, you will notice that I'm into Aztec prints here and here
Yup! I love Aztec prints.

Top: Forever 21
Pants: Forever 21
Sandals: Solemate

Hope you like it! =)


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