Skater skirt


First Friday of the month is days were I plan to schedule my vacation leave. However, this first half of the year I skipped 2 days of it because of some unpredicted urgent meetings & events. So when that day comes and no cancellation been done, I got the chance to schedule my day right. Last July 5, 2013 I decided to watch movie with my 2 sisters (actually it's my older sister & my mom) *wink! We watched 4 Sisters and a Wedding. The move was okay, masyadong madrama lang nga, hindi ako prepared. Madrama movie is one of my weakness especially pagfamily issue. I easily get carried away. Oh well, sometimes we need to cry to clean our eyes. Moving on, during vacation leave It's also a day for me to try new outfit. Here I wore orange skater skirt paired with 3/4 stripes top inspired by Taylor Swift here. Top: F21 Skater | Skirt: Maki Moda | Shoes: Schu
Five days to go and it's my birthday month already. Weeeeeeh!!! So keep on visiting my blog for update coz I'm having my 1st Birthday Giveaway to all my lovely readers. I'm going to upload it later!#excitedmuch -XOXO-