DIY: Studs Shirt

Hi everybody! Before my Sunday ends, I would like to share with you another DIY project on how to jazz up your plain shirt using studs design. Have fun!

1 old Shirt (any color will do)
1 coin
1 pack studs of your choice (here I used cross & circle design)

How to do it?
1. Think of a design you want to appear on you shirt. You can put studs at the center of your chest or at the lower right/left side of your shirt. Here, I decided to put the cross and circle studs alternately at the neck & shoulder lining.  

2. After finalizing the design, it's time to put the studs spikes to the shirt. Use a coin to push the studs spikes all the way down so it wont come back and poke you. Continue doing this step until you fill-in the design you wanted. 

Tadaaaaaaaaah! There you have it! Your DIY Studs Shirt.
Tell me what do you think? I can't wait to see yours too! 

Happy crafting! 


tag: DYI Studs Shirt; DYI Project; oc-craft


  1. Nice! I always love DIY's... thanks for sharing...

  2. hey, Where did you buy the studs? I've been looking for it ever since but failed...

    1. Hi Jaen, I purchased it online.. Go check PeekAboo Shoppe at FB.. =)