How to lessen your time staring at your cabinet?


Glass beaded headband 
Beaded dangling earrings gift form Ms. K.
Class beaded bracelet gift form Hubby.
Purple peplum top gift from Ms. K
P-P shorts from bazaar. Red belt form Gaisano Dept. Store
Sandals from Solemate

Do you experience staring at your cabinet for an hour just to think of clothes to wear on the next day? Well I did, a lot of time and I end up telling myself that I don't have clothes to wear which in fact that I have lots of clothes filling & hanging inside my cabinet. Sometime we're just looking for new stuff and not the old ones. Well in fact that we can still wear it by just using our creativity of playing matchy-matchy or monochromatic style. Another tip is you can also clean your cabinet quarterly to check if you still have clothes that you did not wear yet because the size is too small or too big when you received it. I hope these two simple tips will help you lessen your time staring at your cabinet. Mga 45 to 30 minutes na lang siguro.. Hehehe! By the way, most of the outfits are gifts that I received. 

Have a great day Lovely readers! 


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