DIY: Paper Pom-Pom Design


Hi Lovelies, It’s DIY post here! I’m excited to share with you on how to make paper pom-pom design that you can us as a backdrop on your birthdays, weddings, anniversary, and company events or in any occasions that needs to be decorated. This DIY is simple that you can do it together with your friends or kids at home. I will not keep you waiting, so here’s how to make it.

·         Japanese paper about 20”x30” (508mm x 762mm)
·         Twist ties or string to keep them together

·         Scissor

How to do it:

1.       Get 8 sheets of Japanese paper (choose whatever color you like).
2.       Fold the Japanese paper about 1 inch in and out motion.
3.       Fold it in half and find the center.
4.       Cut at least 4 inches of twist ties or string and tie/twist at the center of the Japanese paper so your paper will be secured. You can also make a small loop so you can easily hang them later.
5.       Cut both edge in any style you want. What I did was I cut it like a pyramid style and in curve shape.
6.       Fan out the 2 ends. Do not paste them. Just spread it out.
7.       Carefully separate 1 paper from the other. Just be gentle so you don’t tear them off. What I did here was I separate 4 papers up & 4 paper down to give an illusion of a circle shape.

8.       There you have it! Your own paper pom-pom design. Go and hang them in your room! (^,^)

I hope you like it! Happy crafting everybody!

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  1. wow sis! nice tutorial... i will definitely make one for my son's birthday!!! =).
    by the way, i am having a giveaway on my blog hope you can join.♥

  2. Cool tutorial, this are really awesome! :D