How to wear Red Skirt?


There was a long holiday last month and It was a home staycation (stay vacation) for me. So I decided to have a quick photo shoot about "How to wear your Red Skirt"? So I pull out my stuff and place it outside our house to create a playful background. To start with, here are the possible style you can pair with your red skirt. 

Top: Artwork | Skirt: Makimoda | Shoes: SM Solemate

1. Graphic Tee - for super easy outfit and for casual breezy summer look. I used headset as my accessory and flat shoes. Just play chillax (chill relax) music and sip cold drinks. *wink!

Top: Dept.Store | Skirt: Makimoda | Shoes: SM Solemate

2. Polo Shirt - for preppy look perfection I wore crispy white polo shirt paired with black socks and gray sneaker shoes. Adding fedora hat, mickey mouse necklace and back pack for teenage feels.

Top: Dept.Store | Skirt: Makimoda | Shoes: SM Solemate

3. Lace Top - for girly chic look I paired it with peach top with lace details. Adding dangling earrings, cream frame sun glasses and neon pink flat shoes. You can also wear nude heels shoes and printed blazer or cardigan for work appropriate look. 

Let me know which one is your favorite by just leaving a comment below.

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  1. Nice, I like the first outfit... Love the background too! ;)

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