White Galore at Davao Blog Awards 2015


Together w/ Mommy Davao Bloggers (^,^)


#LGRP Shine, Clea, Jexx, Olive & Clau 
Photo credit to: Davao Bloggers Society
Photo credit to: Davao Bloggers Society
Photo credit to: Davao Bloggers Society
I was wearing off shoulder white top, gray jogger pants and fedora hat last December 12, 2015 for Davao Bloggers White Christmas Party at Park Inn Hotel, Davao City.  It was my first Christmas together with my new found squad #LGRP (Jexx, Clau, Clea & Shine).  We took a lot of silly picture at the photo booth area and had fun playing trivia games. Aside from eating mouthwatering food prepared by our generous sponsors, there are also lots of prizes that were raffled and I’m one of the lucky winners to have a free meal for two at RBG Bar and Grill at Park Inn Hotel, Davao. Oh I can’t wait to try their mouthwatering food again! Weeeeee! And guess what? I was also nominated for Best Lifestyle Blog. Nyahahaha! Thanks for nominating me guyz! It motivates me more to blog. (^,^) To end this post, I would like to congratulate all the nominees & winners of Davao Bloggers Award 2015. Congrats guyz, see you on our next events!

Below is the list of nominees:

Best Personal Blog
http://sarwrites.blogspot.com/ by Sarah Andres (WINNER)
http://www.chitojoseph.com by Chito Joseph de Castro 
http://www.marialeahflor.com/ by Leah Alderite de Castro
http://www.kisisha.com/ by Kezia Marie Paglicawan Medina

Best Tech Blog
http://www.engineersgotblued.com/ by EGB Team c/o Leah Alderite de Castro
http://davaogeekhub.com by Josef Cagas (WINNER)
http://dugompinoy.com/ by Robert Villamor

Best Lifestyle Blog
http://www.giddychiq.com/ by Quimz Renegado
http://www.jexxhinggo.com by Jexx Hinggo
http://www.cleabanal.com by Clea Gem Banal
http://www.claudinechua.blogspot.com by Claudine Claire Chua
http://theklydejarabelo.blogspot.com by KLyde Jarabelo
http://oc-craft.blogspot.com/ by Olivia Carmella Cena
http://www.philippineslifestyle.com/ by Timothy Walker
http://www.woman-elanvital.com/ by Verna Luga (WINNER)

Best Beauty and Fashion Blog
http://budgetbarbara.blogspot.com/ by Budget Barbara 
http://www.everybodyssunshine.com by Sunshine Espiritu
http://www.thestylereactor.com/ by Farrah Garcia
http://www.jeffreymondia.com by Jeffrey Ouano Mondia
http://emaferice.com/ by Emafe Rice (WINNER)
http://caramielrush.tumblr.com/ by Miel Laquindanum
http://rienberry.wordpress.com by Rien Bautista
http://www.janvieandclarice.com/ by Clarice & Janvie Tiu

Best Blog Design
http://theklydejarabelo.blogspot.com by KLyde Jarabelo
http://caramielrush.tumblr.com by Miel Laquindanum (WINNER)
http://www.thetravelingnomad.com/ by Renz Bulseco
http://www.jeffreymondia.com/ by Jeffrey Ouano Mondia

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