What's inside Belle De Jour Power Planner 2016?


Hi Lovelies, January 2016 already passed and I’m now preparing myself for a new leap this month. To keep me up, my Belle De Jour Power Planner will help me organized my day to day activity. What I like about this planner is that it keeps on reminding me of my goals in life. It teaches me on how to save and spend wisely with the help of spend smart, cash flow and bill tracker section. It also have health checklist, menstrual tracker and beauty essential checklist to keep me stay healthy this year. I’ve tried an APP planner however, it did not survive. The APP crashed and all my details were gone. #SoSad =(  But worry no more.  BDJ Planner fits me well. Although it is a back to basic hand writing journal where you can use all your color pens and doodle at the same time. It also have free cute stickers, membership card and some discount vouchers. Don’t you love that? I’m positively sure you do too. (^,^) What’s your planner? 

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