DIY Choker: How to Make a Ribbon Choker?


Tattoo choker is on trend when one of the PBB Season 737 housemate wearing it on screen. But did you know that choker was on trend way backing my high school years. If you have long neck it will look sexy when you wear it. You can purchase it outside your school for as low as 10-12 pesos each. How cool is that?! Well as much as I wanted to wear it again, tattoo choker is not suitable for my age today. (Sa daughter ko pa siguro cool tingnan.)  So I end up making a classy version of mine.


Step 1: Wrap around the ribbon on your neck to get the measure that you desire. Then cut it. I preferred black ribbon to give a bold statement. 
Step 2: Get the charm and hook it with the jump ring. Here I used unicorn charm.
Step 3: Once connected, insert the ribbon inside the hoop with the charm.
Step 4: At the both ends of the ribbon, clam the flat end crimp end bread. 
Step 5: Then connect the flat end crimp end and the lobster claw with a jump ring.

Tadaaaaaah!! !! There you have it, a classy ribbon choker necklace! 

What do you think Lovelies? Do you like it?

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