What Job is the highest paid in Mindanao?


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Surprisingly JobStreet.com Philippines Country Manager Mr. Philip A. Gioca reported that Mindanao Region salary is now competitive with other regions because of the increasing job opportunities that offered by local companies in the region. The average salary for a fresh graduate in Mindanao is P16, 664, which is higher than the national average of P16, 582 and only edged out by the Provincial Luzon average of P20, 084. Mindanao’s newly employed earn more than their Visayas (P16, 404) and National Capital Region (P15, 538) counterparts.

Did you know that Mindanao’s highest paid fresh graduates are those specializing in Information Technology (I.T.), customer service, and hospitality, earning an average of P22, 529, P19,087 and P19,476. Mindanao’s new IT specialists are only a few pesos shy from the national average, while customer service and hospitality-related specialist earn more than their national, Visayas and even NCR counterparts. Those junior executives specializing in IT, marketing and engineering get top pay and earn more this year compare to their average salaries last year. While Mindanao employees in the supervisory level earn P26, 802 on the average, with those in IT, customer service and engineering topping the list of highest salary earner in the area. The average salaries of the top three supervisory specializations increased this year compared to their averages last year. Finally, engineering, finance and sale managers get the highest salaries in Mindanao. It should be noted that sales managers in Mindanao get paid higher on the average compared to their counterparts in Visayas and Provincial Luzon by 2% and 10%. Call center industry is consistent in offering the most opportunities to fresh graduates, junior executives and supervisors. The retail industry in Mindanao is number one in the most jobs for assistant managers and managers. For fresh graduates, property and real estate is third in the most in-demand jobs list, overtaking manufacturing.

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