OC-Craft January 2017 Favorites


Hi Lovelies! It’s a long overdue but I would still like to share this with you. I’ve been to work related travels lately from Manila to Tagaytay (unplanned escape) up to North Cotabato, from air to land travels at sea na lang yata ang hindi pa maybe soon this summer. *wink  But despite of these travels I've learned new things and discovered new places that I will be sharing with you soon. So don’t forget to visit my blog, like my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Moving forward, here are few items that I mostly used and like last month.

Book category…

Behind the blog by Kryz Uy

Books related to makeup and fashion entertains me a lot which I hunt to purchase this book and add to my collection (Thanks to my Hubby). Aside from that I’m a fan of her blog too. What I like about this book is that the pink unicorn image at the upper left side of the cover page… Kidding aside! It’s how she shares her personal experiences of becoming a blogger, how to be an independent/ brave woman, tips and tricks on how to achieved instagramable photos by taking hundreds of shoots but selecting few of it. Crazy but it’s true. There’s more about this book so if you’re a fan girl like me, grab at your nearest bookstore now.

Makeup category…

Acne Pro Pimple Gel by Belo Essentials

Pimples-pimples-pimples please leave my face alone!!! That’s always on my mind every time I saw it on my face. I’m a sales agent and part of my job is to communicate with my clients face-to-face. Every time I have it, I felt like they're staring at the pimple and not listening to my proposal (kaloka!). Good thing Acne Pro Gel by Belo Essentials somehow helps prevent it grow. I normally used it every night, dabbing a small amount to the area where pimples grow.

Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation by Maybelline New York (B3)

I’m still hunting for the perfect liquid foundation so I tried Maybelline New York Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation in the shade of B3. It’s perfect for Morenas like me.  This is my first time to try this product so far so good. It’s has somehow good coverage and light weight when applied to skin. However, after an hour my T-zone area gets oily na. I’m eyeing for matte liquid foundation so if you have any recommendation please share it by leaving a message at the comment section below.

KMJ Cheek Lip Tint (Pink Puff)

Are you in rush or lazy doing your makeup routine? Well this product is one of your beauty saver. KMJ Cheek Lip Tin is one of the must have beauty essential.  You can’t go wrong with this product.

Argan Oil Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes by Purederm Skin Solutions

I’m addicted to makeup removers lately and since this product was on sale at Watsons, why not give it a try. Brought one of this product, used it and it did a great job! So I purchased five pieces of it since it’s on 50% off. We I guess this product will serve me for five month (Not bad!).

Accessories category…

Geneva Steel Belt Elegant Diamond Quartz Watch

If time is gold then what is silver? (toink!) This silver watch is my favorite. It’s a men size watch and I love the diamond details surrounds it. I purchased this during Lazada Online Revolution 11.11 promo last year around 200+ for three pieces (Silver, Gold & Rose Gold).

Organizer category…

Key Organizer

I always bring with me some keys. One day I grab and place it inside my bag. Not knowing it rubs my mobile phone and leaves some scratches on it. Because of that experienced, I purchased this key organizer at Free Life to prevent from scratching other items inside my bag.

Eyewear Organizer

Shades is one of the must have inside my bag. To keep it safe I place it on its case. However my free case from Sunnies damage at the handle part. Good thing they released new hard case but it’s still bulky so this red pouch from Daiso did a great job for me. I like its two pocket zipper where I put my eyewear and memory cards.

Shoes category…

Black Velvet Pointed Flat Shoes by Solemate

Flat shoes are working girls best friend.  I like the pointed shape of this shoe, the velvet texture and the gold details. It’s very elegant and comfortable to wear. The down side of it is that it has no grip at the sole part so take an extra care when walking on it.

What's your favorite item last month?
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